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The book “Communication Art“ How to find the person, compatible to you?


Art of human communication - this most fruitful and most natural exercise of our mind. From all types of vital activity only human communication can apply for the most pleasant and the most necessary. Communication is an exchange of information which is a civilization basis. The periods of evolution of mankind, as we know, are closely connected with stages of improvement of collecting, processing, storage and information transfer.

For example, Athenians, and then and Romans placed the highest priority on art human communication. They one of the first claimed that the living word exercises mind of the person! Besides, human mind always becomes stronger communication with minds strong and clear. And therefore pulls us to communication with people mature, possessing strong mind. We cannot but like clever, wise people!

Art of human communication inspires us on good creative affairs, on dynamic and interesting life. Each of us likes to communicate not only with clever, but also with decent people as. decent people safely speak with each other, and words at them do not disperse from thoughts and affairs. I am sure that any person likes that society of people between whom there are friendly relations based on minds strong and courageous. We appreciate friendship which is not afraid of sharp, resolute words. It is known that it is difficult to carry on honest and sincere conversation with the incompatible person as we are tired of such communication. Therefore there is a main issue: “Why to move off in searches of truth with the satellite which goes on life differently than you would like?“. In this regard I also had a thought to write this chapter which as I think, will be interesting to the reader.

Human compatibility has to arise before love (especially Platonic). It is necessary to remember it as we know that each person is an identity, and he will never be just the same as another. But the compatible person can approach your identity and will be able to share the uniform point of view into many problems in life.

So if you want luxury of communication for the long period, then you need the compatible person able to understand and share your point of view into the most difficult problems in life. It is very important. We do not want, without having understood, to fall in love, and then to suffer from unsuccessful love? We will well remember that not to achieve luxury of communication in the absence of human compatibility. Unfortunately, many only external beauty and the partner`s youth arranges

. And if he (she) also “beautifully speaks“ (is from “archive at beautiful loss for words“), then much it is quite enough to go to the REGISTRY OFFICE and to register the civil relations. And it happens very often. It becomes clear that he (she) was able only “to pull the wool over the eyes“, and to understand in each other only later and to understand whether they are compatible, for it they lacked time, mind... And it is bad if they managed to fall in love already and as often happens, began to suffer from the incompatibility... After long sufferings, searches of compromises (and suddenly nevertheless the successful marriage union will turn out?) often bitter parting comes, continuing to test love …

Should tell that all this is understood and, nevertheless, same many “fall in love“ more and more time. There is a strong wish to ask such people: “Why you exhaust yourself, the nerves? Really it is impossible to understand at first the person, and then to fall in love with him if it is worthy your love?“.

By the way, it should be noted that the people able to transfer loneliness (to live without the marriage union), - in many respects it is possible to rely on them, these are strong people and better to live with compatible and favourite, than with any (with any), or - if only to marry …

Of course, we cannot plan new acquaintance. Acquaintance often happens in itself. But to understand, on how many new acquaintance we will combine with you, much still do not want as there is a strong wish to fall in love with somebody … And it, unfortunately, happens often. I am surprised here that all this is welcomed willingly by mature people: “It is necessary to marry (to marry) for love, it is time already …“. As it afflicts me! And why the love is necessary if they are not compatible? We well know that feelings are emotions, and the more emotions, the there is less reason... Why to fall in love if from incompatibility there are one sufferings, there will be one emotions? Oh, as there is a wish to hope that people, at last, will understand and will agree that human compatibility has to be obligatory in marriage (and not only in marriage) the relations. Only then they will have no sufferings, and they will be happy in joint life.

should understand Here that only accident leads to the long marriage union. But I would call it so: incidentally were compatible, or fear before traditions... However, it is not necessary to trust only the intuition and to hope for this “casual“!.

Now to me remembered Russo`s letter to the adored Yulia where the following is written: “No, beautiful Yulia, your beauty could blind, of course, my eyes, but it could not carry away my heart if it was not spiritualized by other, mightier beauty. In you I adore a touching combination of live feeling and unearthly beauty, gentle compassion to others, clear thought and the refined taste rooting in your pure soul, say, I adore in much bigger degree your charming soul, than your appearance“. How, you liked Russo`s words?

A came now time to bring to your attention “instruction“ (the love is the fire stolen by people without instruction of its use. After initial ignition of feelings - the fire with an ispepeleniye, or tiresome decay …), the approach of finding of the compatible person. There is a wish to hope that thanks to this “instruction“ you will be able persistently to look for the compatible person for communication for the long period.

By the way, in the book “Experiences“ Michel Montaigne wrote: “… experience proves nothing if the person did not manage to draw any general thought from this experience and could not convince us that became better to understand the business. It is not enough to save up experience, it is necessary to weigh it and to discuss, it is necessary to digest it and to consider to draw from it various arguments and conclusions“.

As is offered by Michel Montaigne, having attentively weighed, having digested and having considered the conclusions, came to the following conclusion: if the man with the woman has an astrological (horoscopal), intellectual, sexual and sincere compatibility, then such union between the man and the woman can be long and strong. On horoscopes (zodiac and east - to Chinese) the essence of the person is defined to 70%. It was shown by long-term supervision, experiences, my researches.

Wants to remind that two mentioned horoscopes cannot consider a factor of impact of environment on formation of the identity of the person, that is - a factor of education of the person that assumes remained 30 - 35%. Therefore, as a result of long-term researches, I came to the conclusion that will consider only 4 factors quite enough - inclinations to define whether we will combine with you the person who interested you.

So, I offer you these four factors - inclinations:

1. 1. Acquaintance as I noted, has to begin with determination of astrological compatibility. By science it is proved long ago that space affects development of mentality of the person, from the moment of his conception. And therefore in the practice I begin acquaintance with the fact that in playfully - a tactful form I ask who is she on zodiac sign and who on east (Chinese) horoscope. It is necessary to admit that when I hired the person, I in the questionnaire was interested first of all - number, month and year of birth (it always is in the questionnaire). On horoscopes I specified his (her) potential intellectual and physical capacities for 70 - 75%. By the way, it is easy to determine by horoscopes and sexual opportunities of the person with the same share of accuracy.

2. Further, you have a question: “How to be with remained 30%? I answer: the factor of impact on the person of environment (an education factor) bears responsibility for it. Therefore we will also continue to consider the remained three points (factor)...

3. 2. So, we will consider intellectual compatibility, an intellectual inclination.

4. We know that long communication with the person not compatible on intellectual level, very much complicates mutual understanding. It is a serious factor, and it is necessary to reckon with it. Many mistakenly consider what will be quite enough if one of spouses is clever... I cannot agree with it in any way, and therefore I consider that equal level of intellectual development leads to full mutual understanding. Intellectual compatibility gives us the chance to easier find the uniform point of view on all questions of life and to rejoice together to communication, life. However, in this case it is worth to remember that long intellectual communication between the man and the woman, can develop into Platonic love where it is difficult to find out other inclinations... And such love excludes a possibility of the conclusion of the strong marriage union. Here I want to criticize those people who selfishly entice the partners (partners) into the REGISTRY OFFICE, having used Platonic love, or, what is even worse, achieve the primitive objective … I absolutely reject such reception. I urge all to be clever, decent and interesting in intellectual communication where it is impossible to use unreasonable, primitive receptions (cunning). You know what is told by he (she) and why he (she) tells it?

5. 3. Further - 3rd inclination. For stay itself the compatible person for a long time should define also sexual compatibility. In sex as it was already told, the most natural emotions are shown (all the rest in this life sublimates). You find in sexual compatibility for yourself that important, or that important, as is called a sexual inclination to the partner (partner) for many years. Sexual compatibility assumes sublime passion at which ease of communication and desire to repeat sexual intercourse more and more time is felt... However here, with regret, the fact that sexual compatibility occurs at spouses less than intellectual is noted, and therefore both spouses need to reflect and correct seriously over it the relation to sex (to be able to dispose to sex, to study erotic - interesting sexual communication).

6. Here we will quote the unknown author who noted a deep essence of the raised question, these words: “That is not visible in the afternoon, it is visible at night therefore the first night spent together often appears the last …“. I wish nobody such disappointment, and I only adjust all of you on serious approach to sexual compatibility. Agree that absence of culture of sexual communication (including erotic caress and safe sex) leaves very serious mark on relationship of partners?

7. I wish to all women and men to be clever, tender and erotic. Also it is a pity, of course, that else there are many people who do not think of this problem. Though, many well know that the erotic (womanly), clever and able to communicate sexually women very much attract men for a long time! And the clever, responsible, tidy, tender and able to communicate sexually men attract to themselves women for a long time.

8. 4. And now about the following - 4 - ohm an inclination. The FRIENDSHIP (sincere compatibility) is extremely necessary for the long human relations. Friendship, from my point of view, it when he (she) a difficult and joyful moment will be near and will be able always to share pleasure, or a grief in half. You will be able easily to open for such person all intimate in conversation, and he (she) always correctly will understand you. The friend does not condemn you, the friend always understands you! The friend is not thrown, and rescue, rescue, rescue!!! The FRIEND is a SACRED WORD, and this word it is possible to call as it seems to me, only one person. Many friends cannot be! The friendship can be checked only time. The friendship fixes the long and reliable relations, both in the marriage union, and in other human relations. To find to itself the FRIEND, it is necessary to prove the example to she (he) purity, reliability and disinterestedness of the thoughts (relations). Look for the FRIEND more diligent, than money and other material values.

Thus, by means of astrological compatibility and three inclinations (intellectual, sexual and friendship), you will find to yourself the person for long communication, for the strong and reliable marriage union.

However as it is prompted by the life, ideal couple does not happen as intellectual and sexual inclinations constantly change the level at partners... At the same time, astrological compatibility and friendship should not change. I carry all this to those married couples (partners) in which there is a partial ease of one of two inclinations (intellectual or sexual). And three, from four called inclinations, have to be obligatory.

Should be remembered well what to buy the wife or the husband (if they with feeling of human dignity) it is difficult, as well as to get pleasure of human communication for money... It is impossible to force the person to become compatible if this compatibility is absent. And therefore leaves that the most reasonable and only exit: - it is necessary to find the PERSON ONLY COMPATIBLE according to the “instruction“ offered above consisting only of four inclinations (points), three of which - are obligatory. And if you find to yourself the compatible person, then surely and fall in love with he (she) for those advantages which he (at her) will have. Compatible people can have no temporary love, it can be only long. I wish all long and happy life.