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The book “Communication Art“ the CONCLUSION

Me all conscious life pulls the Conclusion of

to art of human communication, communication problems always concern. Having investigated this problem, I was convinced that aspiration of each person to reasonable and interesting communication, lead it to sincere desire to live in the world, to have satisfaction from life and to be happy. All reasonable people have to strive for pleasure of communication. Without well arranged mind - not to achieve pleasure of communication.

Besides, I very much wanted to tell that luxury of human communication - it is much more and better, than luxury of material welfare. I am sure that who is in a pursuit of money, cannot see all charm of life and, naturally, life on Earth gloomy and boringly lives.

Ya tried to write this work so that to the reader was not only it is easy and interesting to read it, but that she could remind a lot of things to him of the fine past which is nowadays forgotten... And when you remember the forgotten events, involuntarily you remember also people with whom once pleasantly communicated, or you continue with them communication. Here, by the way, you begin to remember also that you did someone good, and with whom - that arrived not absolutely tactfully … Remember that to you it will always be rendered by good from World around (from God) for presented to someone kindly, and all this will be rendered in much bigger degree... You surely remember today all the acquaintances and write to them, or call them. I ask you, dear reader to make it now and to you everything will be reckoned for the good, you from it will become wiser and will be a happy person.

Art of human communication is that main thing without what the person will not be able to live even if it has water and food. If we exclude reasonable communication from the life, we involuntarily become closed and similar to animals. The luxury of communication calms nervous system of the person, and he (Homo sapiens) involuntarily focuses the attention only on good acts.

Intellectual enrichment of the person assumes big art of communication, and to such person the real happiness comes. At spiritually rich person all attention is concentrated on absorbing in itself beauty of World around and to find the place in it. The aspiration to communication art, will mobilize the person to be always in good physical shape, to be healthy, to be a creator of the happiness. It is very necessary for the statement of peace and harmony in our house, in the country, on Earth, in the Universe. The life directed to reason - will be happy. Learn surrounding life, and you will be on - to the present happy!

As for Judaism and Christianity, here everything is subject to correction of mentality at Jews and to them the sympathizer - diversely. Also change socially - a political system, creation of new basic values is required. It is necessary for Jews will take care of the good name as they are criticized for everything including for mistakes of the government (in the same place there is a lot of them) … Jews should remember that the Zionism conducts mankind to death where will die all people including the Jewish people (will disappear). I should tell also that the Old Testament, Zion protocols, the Talmud, the Torah, etc., written by Jews, expose Jews as cruel nation, aggressors of someone else`s property and applying for world supremacy. And it is silly in this short life.

But if someone openly also tells the truth to Jews, then it as we already know, appropriates the stupid word - and here that Jews attack “anti-Semitism“ such speaking with all cruelty... And the genocide of the Russian people is carried out...

So whether the fact that the truth about Jews reaches the reader is a crime? I answer, it: is not a crime since St. 29 Constitutions of the Russian Federation provide: “Freedom of thought and the word is guaranteed to everyone. Nobody can be forced to expression of the thoughts or refusal of them. Everyone has the right to freely look for, receive, transfer, to make and distribute information to people in the lawful way“. As for me, I make and I distribute the information only in the lawful way. Also you are not angry with me, misters Jews. You love all people on this Earth and you will be happy!

In “justification“ I want to quote And. Saint - Ekzyuperi: “If someone thinks differently, than I, it not only does not offend me by it, but, on the contrary, enriches me... A basis of our unity - the Person who is higher than each of us“.

I apply To myself also such formula: “Forces to me to change what it is difficult to change, and reason to me to distinguish one from another …“.

I Wish all forces and confidence. Thanks for communication.