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What is boredom?

People need to occupy with something the brain constantly. The person looks for sense in life or tries to give it sense, doing something, but, in fact, we simply occupy ourselves with something. Differently the boredom - a burdensome state which is associated with senselessness of our existence begins. People do not know

why they exist. Someone sees meaning of life in love. Someone - in a family and children. But responsibility which we undertake often oppresses us. We are just bothered by all this. The person comes sooner or later to what begins to occupy itself with something. Just we do not realize it. And maybe, the only meaning of life also consists in it …

We become attached to many things. In our life much more drugs, than we got used to think... Why the girl or the guy speak: “I cannot without you“, “To me it is bad“? They do not speak specifically about love. They describe the state. And it is the correct words. They test mortal boredom. Their hobby with each other gave sense to their existence, let and illusory. It carried away, as well as all new. And now - gray everyday life and boredom.

When you with enthusiasm watch the soap opera practically hard drinking, and then it comes to an end, you test something similar. You begin to miss. And it occurs until you are fond of something of another. But first you will ache and look for something very similar. Of course, the effect of series will not be compared to effect of love, but the thinking mechanism the same.

There is an opinion that sports meets are a kind of drugs too. People are placed on soccer and other. Why it becomes also whom, I will not write, at least, in this article. It is a separate subject.

When children scoff at the peers, they are sometimes very cruel - it is too attempt to disperse boredom and anything else. The person has sadistic bents quite seldom. Cases when the person is excited, bringing pain to another - it is a rare thing. People do it just for the sake of an entertainment. They derive insignificant pleasure. It is their way to disperse boredom. Just ideas of a normality at them are washed away. This influence of the environment. If the person grew up in the environment where the violence was norm, he will not notice anything special in it. The child goes outside and sees cruelty there. We instinctively repeat everything after others, especially in the childhood when character and beliefs are not strong yet.

Often happens that the person cannot cope with boredom as he does not know about its essence. We do not know what is it, and we almost do not know anything about how to fight against it. The boredom is a burdensome, long lasting state. Perhaps someone knows, than the boredom differs from a depression, but, in my opinion, this same. Strangely the fact that nobody investigates boredom. There are only units which think of it. But it is a voice crying in the wilderness. The boredom takes the bigger place in our life, than we got used to think.

Many people participate in riots and are engaged in hooliganism, just to cope with boredom. If nearby explosion thundered, people leave to take a look. They do not think that it can be dangerous. Their life is so boring and monotonous that even the fire, explosion or a fight cause in them interest. It is perceived as entertainment. In the last centuries people gathered on the square where there were executions. Someone will tell that he pulls people to violence, and will be mistaken. It is simple with boredom. People have nothing to be engaged more.

Our brain needs to mill something, and it mills some information. People dream and dream. There are no assiduity and attention. Just the world which surrounds us is too boring, is not interesting. Far more interestingly our imaginations and thoughts of something. Here we also fly in clouds. Perhaps we just forgot to find interesting in surrounding... Perhaps we were deceived by some brightness which attracts us, but does not exist in the nature...