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Why the indifference is paralysis of soul?

in news said Today terrible things about the died people and families in Luhansk again, about how one of families died from the bomb which got to their house, about the died boy who was five years old only yesterday. War row. Also innocent people, same as we perish. And each of us could appear on their place.

It not the cinema, not the next fighter with bloody infightings, is our life. These are living people with the dreams and plans, with the ups and downs, with the love and pain. And as tragically and ridiculously their lives which could last a lot more years break. As the same people ruthlessly deal shortly with people. Whether and people? How it is possible to call people of those who ruthlessly kill the brothers? What at them in general instead of heart?

And from whose indifferent silence all this occurs?

“There is no worst enemy, than indifference! From acquiescence indifferent all villainies just are also created“. (Tatyana Tolstaya of “Kys“)

This war happens not in other reality, it is our modern life in which all of us are connected and uniform.

Probably, in the hearts of many people all events now in Ukraine respond pain. Mothers also I sympathize with mothers who lost the children, feeling their pain as own. And it is unimportant, adults were these children or not, - for mother her child always remains the child. But tears, prayers and shouts not of indifferent people, unfortunately, cannot stop this war. At not indifferent there are yet enough neither forces, nor money, nor the power to finish the evil. And war continues, claiming with itself hundreds of the human lives.

And at this time many indifferent people having both communications, and money, and the power look at this war as on the extremely topical movie, as if all this does not concern them at all. Indifferent remain indifferent while this trouble does not concern them. Here for itself and for own life to them it would become rather terrible. But it is possible to call the person the living person, only when he feels pain of another, only when his heart is capable to love, compassion and forgiveness. All others - the dead souls which wallowed in the abyss of own egoism and material things, exchanged the humanity for comfort and safety, having turned own heart into a thing. We, all people living here, first of all whose life is fragile and unpredictable it can break in any day and what then will remain? There is a memory and love just - not indifferent, capable to sincere feelings. All of us are equal on this earth, equally we are born and we die, equally we cry and we are afraid, equally we want to live.

As Irving Yalom told: “In chess, as in life: when the party comes to an end, all figures - pawns, queens and kings - appear in one box“.

All of us are equal. At us one on all the earth and one on all the sky.

Therefore there is a wish to wish to many people to be more live, sincere, understanding, in a word, - not indifferent. Not indifferent to foreign trouble and pain. Because the most terrible enemy of the person is an indifference.

“The indifference is paralysis of soul“ (A. P. Chekhov “Chamber No. 6“).