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Theory of radicals. What combinations?

Human characters consist of seven radicals. Any radical, in principle, is not by nature characteristic of a concrete floor, race, a nationality, that is objectively is not, say, “female“, “man`s“, Chinese“ or the “English“ radicals. But, thanks to natural selection, maybe so that in a certain big social group there are more owners of the specific radical, than in other groups as for them in this social group more comfortable conditions, than in the others.

It is also necessary to consider that representatives of all radicals, but with different motives can make the same action. So to say, radicals are even not so much “about acts“ how many “about motivation“ acts.

For example if, let us assume, epileptoid cleans, then on purpose that nothing disturbed it and it was not necessary to look for necessary long; emotiv - because the disorder looks ugly; isteroid - that all saw his economy; paranoyalny - because it is correct to clean; the schizo - because is such experiment; and - because guests will come giperty soon and on time it is already worth beginning, and then guests “will be connected“ to cleaning while the host runs behind an entertainment.

For the description of a combination of the radicals entering concrete character, psychologists use a so-called psychological profile which shows radicals of concrete character in hierarchical sequence. That is at first - the main which dominates in character over the others then what is presented it is less expressed, the second for the importance, then the third and so on. It can look as you conveniently for N can write down radicals completely in a column from the basic to the most insignificant, it is possible to draw them columns various on height as the chart, or to represent them some in any other manner. Some in general do not represent it in any way, and keep in mind.

All found radicals bring in a psychological profile, them can be as it was already told, from one to seven. The their is more, the more simply and quicker at the person there takes place adaptation to various situations as there are more adaptation opportunities - the different principles of interaction with environment and people. It is difficult to understand behavior of an epileptoid or isteroid and to find with them a common language, without being though partly epileptoidy or, respectively, isteroidy. However the more radicals in character, the less it virgin soils, there are internal contradictions as practically all radicals in this or that aspect as if “contradict“ each other. Surprisingly, but the radicals based on different properties of nervous system can exist in one character (for example, epileptoidny and gipertimny). However more expressed radical introduces in character more than the properties - uneasiness or decrease in working capacity (weak), vigor or working capacity (strong).

Forming of radicals on expressiveness degree in a certain hierarchical sequence is rather simple: on the first place the most expressed radical, on the second - slightly to exchange expressed, on the third - even less noticeable and so on is put. Than less efforts need to be made to define presence of this or that radical, especially expressed he is. Completely made profile (and, respectively, completely formulated idea of character of the person) usually causes feeling that everything is already told also nothing essentially new can already be added.

As many who only get acquainted with this system, having defined the psychological profile, begin to consider that their radicals - the most useful, and “opposite“ - socially harmful, finally still there is a wish to remind: any radical or their combination cannot be completely “negative“. Because there is a certain radical exclusively harmful to society or a concrete individual, during evolutionary process it would be destroyed as its carriers would not survive and would not leave posterity. Problems with socialization arise when the carrier of a certain radical appears in the situation which is badly suitable features of his character. An exit - to apply strengths of the radicals to a solution in own favor.