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Theory of radicals. The glass is so empty or full?

In the previous articles we considered the radicals grouped in kinds of activity, radicals which are necessary to attract attention and to play, for this purpose, to be engaged in productive activity and for this purpose to create. Now it will be a question of two radicals which as two poles, how the yin and Yan in expectations from the world - about gipertimny and disturbing, representing optimism and pessimism, activity and passivity, confidence and “it will come to no good?“.

Owners of the gipertimny radical have strong, mobile nervous system with bigger tendency to excitement, than to braking. Gipertima (we will call bright representatives of this radical so) are, as a rule, full of strength also energy and usually have small problems with concentration of attention therefore spend them for a set of at all occupations which are not connected among themselves. Optimists, self-assured and always ready to active actions.

Often gipertima have tendency to corpulence. In appearance registration they prefer clothes for rest and tend to negligence as do several things at the same time and constantly hurry. Bags and pockets of carriers of the gipertimny radical are usually full different useful trifles. Their dwellings are similar to the station, there constantly are casual guests, and gipertima spend not enough time at home, preferring to be outside, to be a participant of public life in the city and outdoors. Gipertima love the broad welcome and illustrating gestures: a swinging hands, “salute“ by an umbrella or a pripodnimaniye over the hat head. All of them do quickly.

Owners of the gipertimny radical are a little similar to schizos in the misunderstanding of public norms and also often unintentionally spoil and break objects, but not from awkwardness, and from gaucherie. Gipertima appreciate a little laborious work therefore do not see sense accurately to handle its results. They often underestimate possible negative consequences of the negligence therefore they often show irresponsibility. Easily meet new people, without paying attention to social conventions, but in communication are very superficial.

Gipertima are flexible and inventive at the expense of what usually get without loss out of the dangerous situations. They seek to turn any work into rest therefore scrupulous routine work is undesirable to them, however carriers of this radical can well cope with the organization of different entertaining actions where it is necessary to bring together many people in one place and in at one time. Books, cinema and theater as it is boring for them to watch something from outside are not interesting to them, carriers of the gipertimny radical prefer to be active participants of events.

The disturbing radical has in the basis, on the contrary, weak and inactive nervous system which forms a low threshold of emergence of disturbing reactions, and also response to danger a condition of “imaginary death“ - partial catalepsy, lack of will, slackness and absent-mindedness. It leads to the fact that owners of the disturbing radical (for simplicity we will call them disturbing) subconsciously are afraid of novelty and any changes.

Disturbing long “adjust themselves“ on a certain event, and “unsettles“ them if any trifle went not so. Even if this trifle is what to replace and to correct easily, all the same there is a feeling of panic. Owners of the disturbing radical strongly become attached to things as well as to people, loss or failure of some thing especially memorable or “mascot“, can cause the same reaction, as well as loss of the close friend.

Externally owners of the disturbing radical are hardly noticeable. Sometimes there is an impression that they seek to merge with environment, to mask. They choose clothes of not striking flowers, prefer to put on in one color. Jewelry is not loved, women also do not love a make-up, but completely from it do not refuse to be allocated for fear against the majority which makes up a face. They have often a little clothes and all it is same. They do not like to buy clothes and it is often unpleasant to them when acquaintances turn, let even positive, attention to their new thing. Do not like to dress up. Also disturbing usually rejoice when face people in the same clothes, as well as they are.

In inhabited space allocated with the disturbing radical usually everything purely, tidy and lies on the places. However, unlike epileptoid, at disturbing usually there are not enough things and they have several functions. The movements and mimicry of owners of the disturbing radical are usually not persuasive and inexpressive to obscurity. They speak usually a little and rather quietly, monotonously.

Disturbing well cope with routine and monotonous work which does not assume an impromptu, adoption of independent decisions. However they can perform even objectively dangerous works if to their it gradually, step by step to teach throughout a long time as uneasiness rather well decreases in a habitual situation.

So, we considered all seven radicals - behavioural tendencies. We summarize...

the Isteroidny radical is expressed in the presentation of the safe and gaining image “I“.

the Epileptoidny radical is shown through authoritative control of surrounding people and things by establishment of a formal order.

the Paranoyalny radical consists in persistent work on realization of own large-scale purpose.

the Emotivny radical is expressed in aspiration to harmony and “upclassing“ of people and objects.

the Schizoid radical consists in the non-standard perception of world around generating considerably new ideas.

the Gipertimny radical is shown through optimism and aspiration to active actions.

Disturbing expression finds in care and conservatism.

But as I already spoke in the first article, the situation when the person has at character only one radical, is very rare therefore it is also necessary to know how to consider complete character in the context of this theory. The speech about what will go further.

Be continued.