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Theory of radicals. What to us to live and work with?

According to the psychological theory of “7 radicals“, human character consist of various combination of “bricks“ - radicals which are different models of interaction with environment. We already considered how the isteroidny radical is shown in human character. Now I will tell about two radicals - epileptoidny and paranoyalny.

The Epileptoidny radical is extremely important as he “is responsible“ first of all for survival in every sense of this word. A basis of this radical, as well as previous, the weakened nervous system is. But if in a case with the isteroidny radical weakness of nervous system consists in inability to maintain long nervous excitement then it is shown by the reduced speed of information processing and smaller volumes of random access and long-term memory.

Now epileptoida (by analogy with isteroida, those at whom the only radical in character is expressed) often suffer from information overloads in this connection they constantly are in tension. But, as we were already convinced on the example of the isteroidny radical, each serious lack of nervous system is counterbalanced by means to master it. At the epileptoidny radical such counterbalance is easy transition of a nervous tension to aggression flashes then apathy follows.

Epileptoida fight against information overloads and alarm the easiest way - control. They are irritated by uncontrollability of people around therefore they seek to simplify as much as possible everything, to build hierarchy clear to them in the relations with people around. They are inclined to check for durability of everyone, finding out, that is stronger or weaker than an epileptoid that the nobility as with it to behave. Treat “weak“ expressly patronizing, demand submission and are often despotic. They easily manage to bring order and to discipline people around, but often any external purpose, except the establishing order and discipline, in their interaction with subordinates is not present.

Externally owners of the expressed epileptoidny radical are easily recognized. They, both men, and the woman, often by nature possess well developed muscles, it is rather easy for them “to be pumped up“. In clothes they prefer sports style. However epileptoida always select clothes for a situation and look tidily, their clothes are pure, ironed. These are very clean and accurate people and in registration of space. At epileptoid mainly short legs and hair, on seasonal dachas they are inclined to mow herbs, to cut down trees, perceiving them as a hindrance. They seek to clean everything, to sort and use exclusively for designated purpose. Such establishing order serves for reduction of information overloads and unpredictable situations.

One more manifestation of the epileptoidny radical is the love to manual skills that in combination with attentiveness and accuracy yields good results. Epileptoida without problems cope with routine work. Good doctors and nurses usually possess the expressed epileptoidny radical. Various inspectors and security guards - too.

Epileptoida are very hazardous and often are players or fans. Also manifestation of epileptoidny tendency to hierarchy is the sado-masochism of different degree of expressiveness.

The Paranoyalny radical is to some extent close to epileptoidny. Its carriers have, unlike epileptoid, strong nervous system and easy organic changes in a head brain - the same “tendency to jamming“. Thus, the strong nervous system provides ability is long to maintain a nervous tension, and “jamming“ is shown in focus. Total, unlike epileptoidny, the owner of the paranoyalny radical gets stuck not on life formalities like establishing order, and on substantial tasks.

“Paranoid“ (in this case the name of the bright representative of this radical will be in quotes as it is only about the aktsentuirovanny personality, but not about mentally unhealthy person) usually sets the tasks which performance usually is beyond opportunities of one person, and thanks to such commitment and vigor, persistence and working capacity becomes the real leader, organizing around himself colleagues for its execution.

Externally paranoyalny radical has no characteristic manifestations in features of a constitution. In a question of registration of appearance “paranoids“ prefer classical style that displays their civic stand, namely a priority of social values in relation to individual, readiness to serve for the benefit of society. If at the same time there is also an isteroidny radical, it is shown in various signs of accessory - party badges, stripes, professional emblems. “Paranoids“ work practically always and everywhere wherever were, turning anything into a study. They usually not so much decorate something how many fill necessary to them ideological or socially - moral contents. The mimicry of “paranoids“ reflects self-confidence and the business, and gesticulation often either ritmoobrazuyushchy or directing.

“Paranoids“ do not appreciate foreign ideas at all, at the same time attaching special significance to the. Of them it is characteristic simply - the one-sided perception of the world and scale of transformations, individual problems interest them a little therefore they try to integrate and turn all tasks in main, prime and then to achieve result. It is difficult for them to change or correct the position therefore with them it is absolutely useless to argue. Only “paranoid“ can win against “paranoid“.

Here such they, the “working“ radicals of our character giving us abilities “to stand for itself“ and to achieve the objectives, without them it is difficult to survive.

Be continued.