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Theory of radicals. What sources of demonstrativeness?

Are different systems of a psychological tipirovaniye of people. According to the theory of “7 radicals“, human character consists of several “radicals“ - groups of human qualities which correspond to the principles of interaction with world around. Radicals can variously be combined by

in real character of the person as from different details of the designer it is possible to collect different figures. Depending on life situations into which the person, education gets and also environments different “radicals“ can move to the forefront from those that are available at the person from the birth, the different principles of interaction with people, with themselves, with the world.

In it is unattainable - ideal option at the person all seven radicals equally have to be presented, but for more - less comfortable existence it is enough of five. If them only two - three, it can cause some difficulties in communication with carriers of other radicals. Increase of own psychological literacy can help in that case. Training, let and not “from heart“, and “from mind“ to understanding of why another arrives, thinks or feels in one way or another. Carriers only of one radical are so-called “aktsentuirovanny persons“ and meet quite seldom.

Personally I incline to opinion that there are no “bad“ and “good“ radicals, each of them in bigger or in a smaller measure is suitable for performance of certain functions therefore to explain behavior of the person only with only one list of the radicals which are present at its character is not necessary. In a certain measure the person is also influenced by education, education, system of morals etc. of

So, will begin with isteroidny radical . He “is responsible“ for ability to draw attention to itself(himself). Its basis is the nervous system which is not capable to maintain excitement process long enough, thus, its carrier quickly gets tired, has faltering operability and a fast exhaustion of physical and sincere forces. The last - serious minus which in itself could worsen strongly quality of life, but, fortunately, the nature provided it an essential counterbalance - talent and love to game.

Isteroid (the aktsentuirovanny identity, the carrier of the only radical) often is almost not capable to productive work and fight against difficulties, but it is with them and does not communicate. The carrier of the isteroidny radical is able to create remarkably more “thin matters“ - impressions. These are born actors, directors and animators - inventors in one person. They do not put the task to change the world, isteroida skillfully create illusions from what is, and what does not correspond to the required picture, is just forced out from consciousness and an environment.

The Isteroidny radical externally is not shown in features of a constitution, but is perfectly noticeable by ways of registration of appearance. First of all, on brightness in this connection often isteroidny radical still call demonstrative. Also at a manner to put on at owners of the isteroidny radical there is a claim for originality. Isteroida like to be the focus of attention therefore prefer to follow the advanced fashionable tendencies. However isteroida rather seldom go to far in originality, a call - yes, as much as necessary, but in any way not a clownery. Isteroid seeks to be original, but at the same time clear. Often isteroida love some affectedness - “beautiful“ poses, the “correct“ looks.

Owners of well expressed isteroidny radical usually make on surrounding advantageous impression at the very beginning of communication. In general, any person who pays attention to registration of the appearance or registration visible surrounding spaces (we will tell, a desktop at office or housing if often receives guests), possesses the isteroidny radical in the character.

As I already spoke, owners of the isteroidny radical are good in acting skills. Isteroida easily get that shape which is characteristic of social group where it happened to be appeared, and it is shown not only on clothes style, but also in gestures, manners, style of thinking. Easy adaptability to the changing social conditions, ability to an impromptu and flexibility is extremely characteristic of them.

An ideal kind of activity for owners of well shown isteroidny radical is as it was already specified earlier, creation of impressions. It not only game in theater - cinema or holding parties, but also, for example, carrying out the presentations, the reporting, and also spheres in which it is necessary to present something in the most advantageous way - advertizing, policy.

Similarity of an isteroidnost as option of personal accentuation, with hysteria the difference only in what isteroid imitates foreign behavior and, to some extent, character, and having hysteria - symptoms of various diseases consists in such thirst for imitation.

Further we will consider the following six radicals, on two radicals in each article, and then we will discuss how they can be combined in concrete character.

Be continued.