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Who wrote and sang the song “Paradise“? To birthday of Phebe Keyts of

It is sure that many perfectly know the song “Paradise“ (“Paradise“). It is constantly included into various collections of romantic love ballads, and some time its melody constantly sounded in the final of intellectual game “That? Where? When?“. At the same time long time of nothing sense was known of authors and the performer of this song.

the Main fault in it lies, first of all, on domestic authors of romantic collections which specified (and often continue to specify) by the performer of this song certain D. Russel. Though the name was taken not absolutely from the sky, but precisely - in a drunken condition. Probably, D. Russel appeared as “hybrid“ of names of two authors of this song - Joel Daymond (Joel Diamond) and Russell Brown (Russell Brown). But the woman sang this song obviously. So who is she?

It is necessary to tell, on the homeland - to the USA - the performer of “Paradise“ in the famous singers does not go. Phebe Keyts was born (Phoebe Cates) on July 16, 1963 in a family of the famous teleproducer Joseph Keyts. (evreysko - Russians on the fatherly line and Chinese - Philippine - on maternal) the girl received effective and original appearance from an abrupt batch of blood. Therefore when the dream to become the ballerina was destroyed by an injury of a knee, Phebe began to work with model.

Once nice 17 - the summer brunette was noticed on dances by the director Stewart Gillard and right there invited to a leading role in the movie “Paradise“.

The plot of the movie developed in the 19th century, somewhere on the way from Baghdad to Damascus. The European travelers are attacked by spiteful local bandits, and only two travelers manage to escape - to the teenager David and the girl Sara. After wanderings on the desert they get to the uninhabited oasis seeming to them paradise. Between Sara and David, matter of course, the feelings which are smoothly flowing in a sensuality with an exposed flesh flash (though the actor playing David`s role claimed that many risky scenes were shot with doublers). Paradise entertainments of lovers are saddened only that the leader of bandits did not forget about the run-away beauty and ransacks in her searches, wishing to catch in the harem.

For this movie of 1982 that song which Phebe also sang was also written - it is necessary to recognize, not bad. Knowing a movie plot, there is clear also much of the maintenance of composition.

Even the smallest things which you do for me of

Such as awakening near you, it is so new to me.

Life can be full of danger, the stranger is in the dark concealed, I cannot even present

Ya that he wants from me.

When I with you - I in paradise,

cannot be other place on Earth same fine, I hear

Through crystal falls how you call me. Simply take

my hand - and I in paradise,

You will kiss me once,

Ya I will kiss you twice, when I look

I in your face, I understand

Ya that I in paradise.

the First pancake left a lump - the movie did not make success, and critics fairly christened it “the Canadian copy “of the Blue Lagoon“. Too nobody noticed a plate with the song “Theme from Paradise“ (“A subject from Paradise“) in the New World. But in Old the song was estimated - first of all, Italians. The second life in composition was inhaled by the famous saxophonist Fausto Pappeti who wrote down the tool cover.

In spite of the fact that Phebe regretted for the film debut, she did not throw actor`s craft. Though in other movies (like the youth comedies “Fast Changes at School Ridzhmont Hai“ and “Private school“) operated, first of all, its delights. By the way, for “Private school“ she once again acted as the singer, having sung songs “Just One Touch“ and “How Do I Let You Know“ in the movie.

On it Phebe`s vocaleses also ended. In 1984 she acted in successful to / f “Gremlins“, in 1990 - m in not really successful continuation “Gremlins 2“, married and from 1994 to 2001 - y in general gave up cinema, having devoted herself to family life. It is interesting whether knows Phebe about the song success at us under the name of “D. Russell“?

However, and Europe about “Paradise“ did not forget. Again thanks to Italians, more precisely - the American of the Italian origin Casey Betteglia. In 2001 she wrote down the modernized version of a song about paradise. However, in the USA even did not begin to publish it. But in Britain the single with these a cover took the 11th place in charts.

P. S.: A lot of things from this what it was written about and which - that else, you can listen to, having glanced in 1 - y the comment to this article - in the traditional appendix “For Inquisitive and Inquisitive“.