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How a fantasy - the song about the girl with pearl hair turned into the charitable anthem about white a pigeon?

On collections of the ballads of the German group SCORPIONS published since 1994 can be met the composition under the name “White Dove“ (“White a pigeon“) devoted as it is not difficult to guess, to “world peace“. Many fate - music lovers of the senior generation perfectly know from where “legs“ at this beautiful song grow. And here young people, perhaps, should and be educated.

for this purpose should return on 25 years ago at the time of existence East - the European socialist block where also Hungary entered. In Hungary there was one of the most known fate - groups of a socialist camp under the name OMEGA.

Career of Magyar rockers began quite successfully. In 1968 they were noticed by the British manager John Martin and invited to make Foggy Albion tour. In the same place also the debut album OMEGA under the characteristic name “Omega Red Star from Hungary“ - “The OMEGA - a red star from Hungary“ was let out (in the homeland the plate was called “Trombitas Fredi es a rettenetes emberek“).

The group wanted to write down in Britain and the second album, but visits of the OMEGA to capitalists it was not pleasant to the leadership of Hungary, and trips to Britain forbade them. And in vain. The plate of 1969 - “10000 lepes“ (“10000 steps“) - left very successful at group. On it the largest hit of the OMEGA “Gyongyhaju Lany“ (“The girl`s hair“) - the fine ballad with a fashionable psychodelic shade and a shrill gimnoobrazny refrain which could be sung together with public was written down. In the spirit of the times was and romantically - the mystical text about the mysterious beauty with pearl hair giving light and hope to souls of people.

Once the Sun was so tired,

that fell asleep a deep sleep in embraces of the green lake.

I fell by people darkness.

A IT regretted - and came to them.

Yes, came the Girl with pearl hair whether

was it a dream, or the reality was?

I became the earth with the sky

green and blue, as in former time...
Music to the song the keyboard player of the OMEGA - Gabor Presser wrote to

, the text - the student Anna Adamish, and sang her main vocal of group Janos Kobor. Probably, it was more useless to students to register in fate - albums therefore on the first edition of a plate Anna took cover under a pseudonym “Istvan S. Nagy“.

In 1970 “Gyongyhaju Lany“ was let out on a single and 60 weeks headed the Hungarian hit - parade.

Feeling high potential of a song, the group wrote down two more versions under the name “Pearls in Her Hair“: English-speaking (“Pearls in her hair“) and German-speaking (“Perlen im Haar“). The song quickly overcame border of the Soviet Union and generated a set of Russian-language versions, often far from the original text. For example,

One flower, and that withered,

I watched You only leave.

Concerned wind of your hair,

I thawed evening in breath of roses.

A billeting, do not leave, yourself the sun do not carry away

C. you I give to


All love...


your Eyes from lakes water,

A in the depth of an ice particle.

your Eyes pearls sea,

A in depth are full melancholy

As if of a scattering of stars -

Colour of your pearl hair.

As if sky a scope -

your fine look...


Once the Sun to shine so wearily,

That in the sky fell asleep and fell in the sea,

I everything darkened, the bad weather came,

bottomless the Sun lay In the valley.

And I do not know - the truth it or is not present?

Perhaps the fairy tale was thought up by the poet?

On my question again of

the Sun will be silent...

1970 in general was given for the OMEGA successful. Thanks to the song “Gyongyhaju Lany“, the group won a prize at the Barbarella festival which was taking place on Palma - - Majorca, and at the Yamaha festival in Japan even snipped off to each participant on the motorcycle. Then there was also the third album of Ejszakai orszagut group (“Nochnoye Highway“) which header composition on structure very reminded the previous hit of pearl hair.

Unfortunately, in 1971 - m - in a year after record 3 - go an album - OMEGA suffered serious losses: the group was left by the main composer and the main poetess - Presser and Adamish (together with the last also her husband - the drummer Joseph Lauks left). The Trinity right there founded other successful collective LOCOMOTIV GT.

Many years later - in 1994 - Presser and OMEGA performed together at the big concert of group which took place in Budapest at Nepstadion stadium again. As the invited guests there were also members of SCORPIONS - Claus Meine and Rudolf Schenker. Germans presented to Hungarians execution of “Wind of change“, but left too not empty-handed. Having heard as enthusiastically the crowd sang at the end of a concert of “Gyongyhaju Lany“, Meine came after show into a make-up room to the OMEGA and asked permission to write down the version of a song for group.

Those resolved - and on light that “White Dove“ which is let out as a charitable single for refugees from Rwanda was born. Of course, beauty of a melody touches also in this execution. But personally the SCORPIONS version seems to me more pryamoloby and banal, than the mysterious and illusive original.

Janos Kobor: “As SCORPIONS are much more widely known to

, than we, we were glad to it because we counted that it will make also us a little more known, will allow to sell more disks. When Claus Meine told that they want to make it, we agreed - why is not present? Their version does not seem to me unsuccessful, but to some participants of group, in particular Gabor Presser, it was not pleasant“.

P. S.: A lot of things from this what it was written about and which - that else you can listen, having glanced in 1 - y the comment to this article - in the traditional appendix “For Inquisitive and Inquisitive“.