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How to agree to Russian with the Chinese? A model of national diplomacy of

Even being residents of one village, city, one country, all of us remain very different people and special mutual understanding we cannot brag. What to tell about residents of other countries which are brought up in not similar culture, traditions, systems of values, mentality!?

For example, the closest neighbor of Russia, China. We perceive its thousand-year traditions, culture and manners of behavior as exotic and we understand not all and we accept. Let`s try to understand an essence of some features of communication with Chinese - the most usual, ordinary.


the Joke in a subject. In one small motel in the next numbers the European and the Chinese stopped. Late at night the European, heard reaching from - for walls bumps and shouts. Having suspected that the neighbor - the Chinese was attacked by bandits, calls the police. It becomes clear that the Chinese neighbor met the old school friend by chance and they just rejoiced to a meeting and “patted“ each other on shoulders!

Yes, Chinese - the noisy nation. They emotional - by the nature, from within. Always, in any Chinese there is a certain stock of noisiness, and it does not hold it inside, and generously shares emotions. Most often at small inexpensive restaurants, in public transport, in an Internet cafe or in shop, generally - on vacation.

Though I did not begin to give a palm to Chinese. Everything depends on circumstances. Sometimes Europeans “louder“, than Chinese. Once our tourist`s group went by the Chinese electric train from one city to another. Seats, summer, hot. In the car dozen of Russians, about twenty Spaniards from Barcelona, other Chinese.

The first half an hour was heard only Chinese, and then Russians and Don Quixote`s descendants slightly took beer, began to communicate. In half an hour the loud Spanish speech dominated in the car. We had to shout nearly each other in an ear to hear the interlocutor. Chinese only stared at the dispersed dark Europeans, and Spaniards were not drunk or aggressive - it was their usual style of communication!

But noisiness depends not only on temperament, but also on education. If in Russia it is accepted to admonish the crying child and if the child razbalovatsya, especially in public, and on a bottom few times it is possible to put, in China to beat the child - a terrible sin. He can be capricious as much as necessary - to him will only shake off panties if he deigned to sit down on a floor! So you want from the adult if he never in life heard from parents of an osteregayushchy sound “The hardware - with - with!“ also did not see the forefinger attached to lips? He and the adult does not understand this gesture at all.

Interest in age

the First question at acquaintance - “What is your name?“ - it is quite logical in any society. But the second question - purely Chinese: “How old are you?“. And both to men, and to women. Any sensitivity! After the answer of the interlocutor always, regardless of impression (you told 30 years, and you look on 70), will pay it a compliment, will try to show the admiration of how he looks good.

At any Chinese in his genes the respect for the senior on a position, on social standing and on age tightly sits. If you talk to it - he has to know, how old are you, correctly to build further the communication with you. If you have reasons to hide age - better to get off with a joke “and Bai of nurses“ (hundred years) or “that de Mimi“ (a big secret), the Chinese interlocutor will not insist.


Chinese are very curious

to foreigners. Everything is interesting to them in you - as you are dressed as you eat as you speak by phone that at you in a breast pocket... They are ready to look at you continuously. It irritates you? Well! Present that in the village the Lower Navels of our Ryazan region the Black or, say, the Papuan with a copper ring appeared in a nose. It is sure - half-villages the first half a year behind it in flocks will go! Why? Yes because it is interesting!!!

In general reaction of Chinese to many things is very similar to children`s reaction. They very curious (sometimes to persistence), ready to help, sensitive and in the majority the simple and kind people (I can warrant for harbinets!) .

the Relation to purity

Garbage in Harbin - not angrily. It is an income source for dustmen. Since early morning they go on the city and buy up garbage at janitors. Then bring it to collection point for salvage and sell there already with the margin. Exactly thanks to these to “hospital attendants of the city“ multimillion Harbin does not choke with own waste. For an empty plastic bottle in Harbin give 10 feny (ten Chinese kopeks), and for a glass pothouse - 50 feny at least.

Dustmen in China are necessary. The known saying “It is pure not where clean and where do not litter!“ in China works in a different way: “Litter where you want - will clean and you will not see!“ Only where there is a large number of people, there are ballot boxes (pedestrian zones, embankments, large shops). In other places everything rushes directly on a floor, on asphalt, on a lawn - will clean in five minutes, janitors constantly clean the territory.

Some Russians, mainly women, are terrified slovenliness of the Chinese feast. Yes, the Chinese meal not especially disposes to purity. At small restaurants or snackbars in the fresh air all remains of food (a stone from chicken or meat, armors from shrimps, an ear from corn, packings from ice cream, a napkin) are left directly on a table.

In Russia there was always a cult of a pure cloth or the table which is scraped out to gloss. You will drip Russian cabbage soup on a cloth - the father of family to you a spoon on a forehead hryas, it was remembered strong and forever! All crumbs from a table swept away in a palm - and in a mouth. Hands before food were always washed.

In China you can not wash hands before food at all. Why? Yes because you contact to food only through sticks - “kuaydza“. Bread in Celestial Empire is eaten seldom and the same rice pampushkas hold sticks too. You do not hold a chicken leg in hand too - all contents of a plate are chopped 3õ4 centimeters in size that it was possible “to throw“ quickly the same sticks.

Therefore it becomes absolutely indifferent - hands, clean at you, or not. All dishes face in the middle of a table, and you a small plateau to which you have to transfer by means of sticks “øìàòèê“ food. And you eat not with a spoon, and in the left hand there is no grain crust to catch the flowing-down sauce when you bear salad, ragout or a piece of fish from the general copper to the plateau or directly to a mouth. Try to eat a little oil salad or meat ragout with a sauce by means of sticks. On a bet: if you never drip sauce on a table - I will present you a bottle of the real “Harbin“ beer! That`s a bargain?

Russian with the Chinese - brothers …

If at Russians to clean aspiration to drink at the slightest pretext, and to add working capacity and love to own family, then the typical portrait of the Chinese would turn out.

They very thinly perceive mood of the interlocutor. Very much love gifts. And noisy they not from aggression, and from completeness of feelings.

Once we began to argue with my very good and old Chinese friend Nikolay - who is stronger in science and equipment. I gave Popov, Tsiolkovsky, Gagarin, Mendeleyev, Kurchatov`s examples. I feel, my Nikolay was inflated, strained and says: “Russia Great country and China Great country! We are friends! But China very ancient country! Russia absolutely young (the Chinese mentality - young has to be silent and listen more!) . An example - Chinese the first invented gunpowder more than two thousand years ago!“

It was truly strong argument! The pause dragged on. I understood that it is necessary to concede in this dispute … As if in confirmation of Nikolay`s argument - behind a window of small restaurant someone blew up a petard!

I very significantly raised a finger and thoughtfully told: “Gunpowder - it is very important in China!“ We burst out laughing with all the heart! Also drank three toasts for time:

1. “Gunpowder - only in the peace purposes!“

2. “The good neighbor is better than the relative!“

3. “Wei You And - Gengbei!“ what means “For friendship - to the bottom!“

Here to you and all national diplomacy!