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What has to be the newspaper which is necessary to all? Now all tell

about new technologies in the sphere of masses - media, and it, undoubtedly, very important, but me as to the author, the idea of creation of the newspaper which will equally broadcast in Russia, the USA, China, Japan, Great Britain and so on is represented interesting. When the person, regardless of his location, is able to obtain the same information, as his friend since other end of Earth.

Attempt of creation of similar can be seen in the concept of American “The Wall Street Journall“ which has a set of offices outside the United States of America. But all - it not absolutely what we speak about. Issues of this newspaper differ according to contents depending on their geolocation, and it also is the most important minus, in my opinion.

of the Politician of identity

In order that developed an events picture, it is necessary to read information from several sources and further to ask a question: “And what really happened?“ But what we have upon, so is what mass media of one country broadcast quite one-sidedly, sometimes interchanging the position of words for a change.

Without chances of independence

By itself, a view of the events can be a miscellaneous at the different countries, depending on their key policy. As they say, how many people, are so much also opinions. But often this opinion is expressed so actively that ordinary citizens just have no opportunity to escape from this raging flow of information and to create the point of view. the Technical aspect

If I want to know

that think in the USA of this or that event, then I will visit the website of well-known “New York Times“ and I will read. And here that think about it in Spain, unfortunately, I will not be able to learn, there will not be enough knowledge of language. And it is also the most important problem. Presently, when it is more linguists and translators, than sellers in grocery stores, there are no regular analogs of foreign editions. And so it would be desirable to come into a booth at the house with the inscription “Press“ and to buy Canadian “National Post“ or British “The Times“. Or just to visit the website of any more or less famous newspaper, to choose the from hundreds of offered languages and to read. Strangely enough, all this is not carried out for one eternal reason - to our authorities it not on a hand. Why to citizens know that their state is criticized abroad when on national television they hear about stability and originality their huge and mighty?

All of us remember the Georgian - the South Ossetia conflict of 2008 when Russia took the part in it by means of introduction of troops on the territory of South Ossetia. For Russians this operation, without any doubt, was regarded as operation peacekeeping, directed to settlement of the conflict and peace-making in this region. However the countries of the West considered absolutely in a different way. Even in brotherly to us to Ukraine people were flown down on meetings with the posters “We against Aggression of Russia“. And it is not possible to us to learn that it was actually: aggression or the help it is southern - to the Ossetian population.

What occurs in the boiling Ukraine now? The western mass media shout that soldiers in the identification Russian Federation form carry out military operations there. Our government nearly hourly declares that our troops are not in the territory of Ukraine. To whom to trust - it is absolutely unclear. We have no independent international newspaper which impartially would tell us about everything. Also it is a pity.

Unity of understanding

That else is important, so is that in articles, news, reviews and in all that it is intended for wide audience, about the events affecting this or that country in each line attempt to understand mentality, customs and norms of that country about which the narration is led has to be looked through. All of us are different. And, figuratively speaking that to Russian pleasure, to the German - death.

Rather recently one of correspondents of American “Newsweek“ wrote about gilded youth of Iraq which swims in pools, drinks champagne and in general has in every possible way a good time while in the territory of their country there take place military operations. Also she drew an analogy to work of the Bolshoi Theatre during the Great Patriotic War. That is comparison means it “fiddle while Rome burns“. Personally jars on me from such comparison. It shows full misunderstanding of the Russian spirit and mentality, the Russian heroism, courage and courage.

An era when mass media practically manages world history came, forms a position of citizens, rallies or distances one nation from another. And now mass media have no right for a mistake because the price of this mistake can be too high.

It is necessary only to hope that tomorrow we will wake up, we will take the newspaper and we will read the same that will be read this morning by the Spaniard, the Korean, the Mexican or the American, and all of us will feel citizens of one state - planets Earth.