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What is summer holiday dangerous by?

Ah, summer! The majority of us looks forward to a warm time that, having left at home cares and efforts to jerk to the warm sea. Why to us it is necessary? Strange question. To save up for all remained year of the sun, to eat the southern fruit, to strike up new acquaintances, to receive the mass of positive impressions... Well, generally, to have a rest. However, as show results of polls, rest bears in itself not only pleasure, but also can become the reason of disappointments.

Summer holiday which all of us wait for the whole year, actually main reason of a stress if to trust survey conducted by the Alpro company. 2000 adult respondents living in Great Britain took part in it.

The main source of a stress for women - desire to look good in bikini. Their “naked“ image annually haunts every tenth inhabitant of islands more than four months in a row.

Every sixth of respondents lady starts scrupulous calculation of calories as soon as pass Christmas holiday. Ten percent of women adhere to less radical views, they reduce consumption of greasy food with approach of Easter.

But for everyone preparation for the next season begins a heel at once upon termination of summer holiday. A quarter of all women unanimously claims that the main motivation of all restrictions in food for them - not a healthy lifestyle, but aspiration to look good in beach photos.

It is not necessary to believe that only women aspire to a beautiful figure. Difference of men from them only that for the last as motivation serves not the memorable photo, but search of new partners for the period of rest.

Excess weight - not the only thing that disturbs British in anticipation of rest. Twenty percent of respondents declared that they are weighed by prospect too much time to carry out in the family circle and with friends. Every sixth of respondents feels fear of air flights.

A quarter of women worries on the fact that to take with itself on rest, without wishing to drag, probably, excess baggage, but also being afraid at the same time to forget something necessary. The same number of men fears weathers. Suddenly it will be unseemly, and all holiday will come to nothing?

To two of five women, before going on the vacation, the thought of need to wear bikini haunts. Obviously, it is those ladies who insufficiently zealously exhausted themselves with restrictions and consider the figure unattractive.

More than the fifth part of respondents of both floors claim that they a real source of their sufferings are preflight procedures at the airports.

However in spite of the fact that very many British worry in advance about how to ensure a tremendous figure on the beach, most often their plans fail. Less one sixth part of those who chose as the purpose weight reduction, could reach it.

At the same time every fifth lady was not able to adhere to a preholiday diet more than two weeks. Six of ten come to grief of women admitted that they after failure experienced decrease in self-confidence, falling of interest in life and even a depression.

So to have a rest or grow thin? Here in what a question of modern rest...