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The irreplaceable employee or as to the head to secure myself against blackmail of

by One of people at which I studied administrative consulting was Bill Yokhonesson - the consultant, very famous in America, for management who was carrying out projects in many countries of the world. For example, it within a year worked as the anti-recessionary executive director in the African office of “British Petroleum“, etc. He told me one story.

Working in the large company which I will not call for ethics reasons, it carried out functions of the anti-recessionary director. Affairs at the company went not that it is wretched, but it experienced serious difficulties and lost sales volumes.

Board members, bringing Bill up to date, including reported to him about one employee who had the status of “irreplaceable“. They advised it not to quarrel with it as on this person “successful work with clients depended“. This person held a position of the head of customer service and combined a position of one of production directors. “Irreplaceable“ it received the status, operating the ingenious memory. He remembered by heart all technical nuances and changes at all customers and was never mistaken. And as the database on these technical changes was practically not kept, loss of this employee would turn back for the company loss of the most valuable production information, and also confidential.

This person terrorized board of directors impudent requirements about resignation objectionable to it, but the employees, valuable to firm, and twisting of silly high bonuses for himself personally. Directors were forced to follow the tastes of it as, estimating potential losses at his dismissal (and its leaving was the instrument of blackmail), they chose smaller of two evils. Bill was told about this situation and warned about possible consequences for production in case of leaving of “blackmailer“. Let`s tell directly, not a simple problem for the head.

But not for the consultant of WISE. Bill twenty by this moment worked years according to the license of this Association using administrative technology L. Ron Hubbard. It is known that it is the only technology allowing to take completely under control a human factor at any enterprise in any country. Monopolists, so to speak.

Ya I will not quote here all subtleties of this technology (the theory and the instruction) which served as stable data for the successful decision Bill to current situation.

I will describe just this decision.

The employee about whom there was a speech came to reception to Bill in several days. Having put legs on a table and smiling to a seraphic smile, he asked whether spoke about it the director, and whether Bill what valuable employee sits before it is aware. Having received the affirmative answer, he conspiratorially lowered a voice and assured Bill that will help it with everything and that he is very glad to his appointment as the previous director was rather stupid and could not understand such valuable employee up to the end. He will support in every possible way the newly made director if that doubles his salary only and will fulfill couple more of requirements. And everything will be in chocolate.

Bill Yokhonesson is the former athlete, weighing about hundred kilograms, large such man. Business happened not in America so Bill just got up from - for a table, bypassed it, took the “irreplaceable“ employee for a collar and, its vyvoloch from an office in the face of the amazed observers, personally exposed for doors of office. Having ordered never to protection to let this person in the building, except as in a human resources department behind dismissal accompanied by the security guard any more.

I will not describe in detail round eyes and a preinfarction angina of board of directors as they lasted not for long.

Further Bill by means of department of personnel employed several students of local college who (as business was in the summer) in a month went round with the special questionnaire of all clients, technical information on whom was lost. Also restored the database for which maintaining the run blackmailer had to be responsible. At the same time some more serious problems which this employee also held back came to light.

In parallel by means of good recruitment agency the technical specialist of similar level with the acceptable reputation was found.

And suddenly people sighed more freely, and production began to gain steam. And as Bill corrected also the worst violations in technology of marketing, and corrected organizational structure of all area of advance of production, statistics showed sharp take-off in two months. The situation was broken.

To what I told this case?

In management, as well as in any production, there is an exact technology. Present that you were put to direct production of iron and steel works, and you know nothing about metallurgy. And in shop there is a state of emergency to the equipment which puts all on ears, and all wait for your orders. Whether you without the assistance of experts will manage to give the instant correct decision? It is unlikely. The skilled, well trained metallurgist will be able.

The same and in management. Matter not only in personal abilities of the head. A lot of things depend on knowledge of technology of management, both the theory, and practical actions. Do time, do two, do three - receive standard, qualitative result. With full understanding why this result is received.

This knowledge does the head stable. He does not doubt the decisions as it has an exact, faultless system.

The full and the coordinated, working technology of the organization and business management - Hubbard`s technology. These are twelve well structured volumes of the duty regulations and standards covering all areas of the organization. Instructions in them are picked up for subjects so it is possible to find the necessary council, even at such abundance of information. And they contain the only technology which is completely solving a problem of a human factor.

It is remarkable that all data in all twelve volumes are completely coordinated with each other and you will not find contradictions anywhere. Many heads literally open mouths when thumb through this encyclopedia for the first time.

I, however, did not see yet that this technology was completely applied at any commercial enterprise, but for a raising of indicators of it and it is not required. There are quite enough basic principles which make a basis of the standard of system of the general management “Administrative Nou`s Model - Hau“.

There are, of course, also other schools and technologies mentioning a human factor, or helping to solve separate problems. But hardly anyone will be able to call technology, all problems with employees allowing to solve.

It would be unfair to you not to tell about it.

Simply, in several hours before I sat down to write article, I faced a problem of the “irreplaceable“ employee at one of my clients, and remembered a case with Bill. Not each similar situation needs to be solved as it is described in an example above. Sometimes yes, sometimes is not present. There are many tools - it is necessary to know in detail all data to give the correct advice. But to specify a source of the most practical advice and the correct decisions at least it will be honest for my part.

Suddenly and you have a similar situation, suddenly you need it too?