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Happiness or money?

When the person want to become happy, he considers that he has to grow rich. The image of the happy person is a millionaire who is able to afford everything. The more money, the there is more happiness. Money gives happiness basis, namely fulfillment of desires. For money it is possible to buy love. With one million in a pocket it is easier to win object of love. For money it is possible to buy beauty. It will be confirmed by any plastic surgeons. It is possible to buy friends. If in poverty there are not enough chances to get friendship with the big person, then with money, it is possible to make friends even with the legendary or star person. And thanks to money it is possible to turn into the kind wizard, to help persons in need, buying a reputation which all will have on lips. The whole world gives a standing ovation to the successful and rich person.

But for some reason happiness is not money and money not happiness. And these concepts even not synonyms. Because it is possible to buy the person, but it is impossible to buy his love. It is possible to adjust a body to ideal parameters, but it is impossible to buy sincere beauty. It is possible to buy a reputation “the Philanthropist!“, “Patron!“, but it is impossible to buy kindness. And it is possible, including itself god, the person buys indulgences which as if soap bubbles, give shows and emotions. No more. Not so loud kindness, she does not shout: “I am Kindness! I help people!“. No, it silent, humble, imperceptible.

Whether there can be a person happy, knowing that so far he is successful, around him turn to bite off a piece from its success and wealth. Nobody needs its uniqueness, his soul, its feelings. Be left it without money, people will forget about its existence. He considers that it uses people, actually people use it. Agreeing to a lot of things to rise near it, using it as the bridge in the purposes. Whether it is necessary to these people without money, or in a difficult situation.

Rather poor person at least lives with the truth, he knows that his half with it, precisely not from - for money, friends love it for his spontaneity, for simplicity, and they laugh with it sincerely, without hiding anything behind soul, it is a smile, but not a grin.

That money which is earned by honest work, they will do good, in business. The person will not throw him as papers because forces are put that to earn them. Do not worry that it is not enough money, you are proud that you honestly earn them. And happiness? Happiness is. You are loved, without looking for from you benefit.

Perhaps, the very old man with the young companion, believes that in him there is some feature, and she fell in love with him. Perhaps, he believes that he big money bought the place in paradise. Perhaps, he feels sorry for those who are not able to hammer together the capital, spending time on a hard work.

Of course, it is not necessary to be proud of poverty, claiming: “For that I am not a thief! “, it is just necessary to cease to cultivate money, including it in the only way fortunately. In money there is nothing bad until they do not turn into the main value for the person.

Happiness is not a bag of money, or the bought love and false friends. Happiness is when in the temple tears with sincere and pure feelings well up; happiness - when the person does not notice the health; happiness is when darling is interested that you feel, but not how much is your shirt; happiness - when it is possible to embrace parents, happiness to do favorite thing, as a hobby.