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How to marry happily. Part 2

to marry happily, is necessary to you not only love, but also insistence to darling.

is told about unconditional love much Now, but it about another and not now. No matter, you already got married or it ahead, but you have a beginning of the relations now, now the man is keen on you and is ready for the sake of you for a lot of things... This gold, rare, unique time when he looks for what to it need to be near you when for the sake of you the man is ready to watch himself and even to change is time it is impossible to pass! Namely - you watch a format: when your darling behaves properly as the loving and worthy man, you have to be worthy him and give him care, warmth and pleasure. But if the man afforded disrespect for you, overstepped the bounds of what you find possible, of you there has to be an instant and rigid protest. Soft in a form, rigid in fact - but a protest. For example, your darling began to drink a little, returned to a habit to smoke - we react to it in a forehead, categorically against and in such situation at once - any meetings!

But at the same time to call, write, only not in general to fray, and to keep this subject in the center: “I love you, I want to live with you, but my husband does not drink and does not smoke. Yes?“

you Watch a format. Yes, women are afraid and, it is difficult for them to utter it aloud even without nobody, but if you want the real prospects and family happiness, you have to learn to speak so and so - is exacting! - to behave. You will cope? Your future depends on it.

And whether it is possible to make at such exacting and strong behavior of the woman the man the head of the family? It is possible and is necessary: while in daily situations you a charm and the lassie, soft and gentle, you can be also another. And if your man is lazy, brakes and behaves not as the man, not as the head of the family, you look him fool in the face and ask: “It is told by you? You will not cope? I do not trust. The man will always cope with it, my beloved - it is obligatory. The head of the family, do not brake! I will go to do you compote, and you will come then and will tell about all the victories. Well, kiss me and forward! My man - my pride!“ do not believe

when you are told that the man will be strong only if the woman is weak. It absolutely not so. Once to play weak and defenseless is one, it is pleasant to men, but if the woman behaves so constantly, it is not simply bad, it is worse than horror most terribly. Strangely enough, men hate weak women as with them it is valid to live very difficult.

So whether it is possible to talk to the man so exactingly? With the real man - it is possible, he from it will respect you only even more. Only one condition - such talk and such tone at you sounds not more often than once a month. And it is even better - time in half a year. It is possible to strain men, but only provided that in usual daily communication you for it - only pleasure and support. Always a contented face and the shining eyes, you look at it with admiration, a soft and quiet voice, accurate not categorical intonations - you talk to it yours faithfully. Do not contradict on trifles, learn magic phrases: “Yes, darling! Well, darling! As you will tell, and will be, native!“ Instead of splashing out the feelings and to arrange monologues, ask specific questions and listen that you are answered.

Only - and you will cope with it? Here it is necessary to watch himself and to control itself. For a start you can deliver yourself very simple and extremely concrete indicator - every day you owe a minimum ten times ask darling: “And you what you think?“ Try to fix each case in writing: made... asked... Oh, a day passed! - also you will understand that to be attentive to the speech - not so simple thing. Yes, and someone promised you that happiness is given for free? It is necessary to work!

And so, one of the main things which distinguishes the women happy in a marriage from other majority is just understanding that the family is a work . There has to be a discipline, there should not be uncontrollable emotions, offenses and the more so the hysteric. At work you do not afford it? Means, it cannot be also at home. The real woman has two works: one - in the afternoon when it works at work, and the second - in the evening when it comes home. And you understand that the second work is more important for the wise woman. It is the most important work where from the woman professionalism and attentiveness is required. Attentiveness being the Sun not to frown to do things according to the plan, but not as it was remembered at the last minute to play sports and to care for the rest to go to bed in time and to be always beautiful. When your darling looked at you - you beautifully sit, you have a lovely look, and you - are happy!

Try! It is more than real recipe of the most reliable female happiness. Read “How to become the good wife“ and study this wonderful science! Happiness to you!