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French riviera. Where to have a rest on the southern coast of France?

If you arrived to the South of France at the end of summer when the sun is already not so cruel to tourists and locals, and your main task - to be bought much before new labor everyday life, then this article will be to the taste to you. It will be a question of all known Sep - the Track and other, more budgetary, but not less picturesque places on the southern coast of France.

of Sep - the Track

we Will begin

with the city which is one of the most prestigious vacation spots in the French Riviera - Seong - the Track (fr. Saint - Tropez). It is possible to reach, for example, on the car or the bus directly from Marseille there. The distance will make about 130 km if to lay a way along the coast. And of course, in dependence because, you visit this place in the afternoon or at night, the received impressions will strikingly differ.

In the afternoon before you the small and quiet town of Provence, with traditional cozy small streets on which both sides will hospitably open the doors of a coffee house - confectionery, small small restaurants and shops where you will be able to get everything will appear: from usual souvenirs and gastronomic gifts to clothes and accessories of the known brands. In dark time of day of Sep - the Track turns into one big night club. From everywhere the latest musical hits reach, multi-colored fires of a dance floor flash, on streets there are a lot of dressed up people of absolutely different age categories. And nevertheless even in late hour in Sep - the Track there is a chance to retire to small cozy restaurant in the depth of the city and to order a glass of wine.

Seong - Maxim

More budgetary vacation spot will become Seong - Maxim (fr. Sainte - Maxime) who is in 160 km from Marseille and only in half an hour of driving on a car from the above described Sep - the Track. Here the prices both of hotels, and of morning coffee with croissant will be less biting. Also you will be pleased by the sandy beach, a large number of souvenir shops.

And on the embankment pay attention to a candy store, remarkable the show-windows in red color, La Tarte Tropezienne where you are simply obliged to try the well-known dessert Tart from Sep - the Track and a lot of other fresh and fragrant pastries. By the way, it is better to come since morning, at once to get in line, and already to a campaign to choose future purchases. And for lunch do not forget to try a generous portion “mul - Frith“ (or our way - mussels with fried French fries), for example, in white wine or cream sauce. How it is possible to pass by the dish, the second for popularity, ordered at restaurants of France?

the Port of Grimo

After a nourishing lunch can go directly from Seong - Maxim to the Port of Grimo (fr. Port Grimaud). Having decided to go to this wonderful place called by the French Venice from Marseille, you will overcome about 140 km. The way from above-mentioned Sep - the Maxim will make only 10 km.

In spite of the fact that to the Port of Grimo cream of society likes to have a rest, having moored the snow-white yachts in port or directly at the houses, it is possible to enjoy this town and having just paid for the parking of your car. It is impossible to tell that you will be reliably hidden by narrow small streets, here instead of them continuous (but nevertheless narrow) embankments along channels and bridges. It is better to consider facades of the city, having gone to languid walk by the boat. And later I suggest to get couple of balls of ice cream and to go to the sandy beach which size very impressive, and vacationers on it at the same time it is possible to count on fingers.


If to you absolutely to go to burden at the other end of the world to enjoy the clean sea and salty wind, and the plans do not include the next reservation of hotel, go to Kassis (fr. Cassis), it is located approximately in 30 km from Marseille.

It is better to come there in the morning that there were no problems with the parking. This settlement is very popular both among tourists, and among locals, but from it it does not lose the picturesqueness at all. The city absolutely small, it is possible to bypass it minutes for 20 - 30, of course, if not to look in all cafes and shops which are located on the first floors of almost each house. The beach will please you with mix of small pebble and sand, and the fact that Kassis is in a small bay, speaks about that, it will be possible to swim for a while at a full calm.

But where you would not go to enjoy the sea to become impregnated with salty air and the warm sun, French riviera will receive you with open arms everywhere. The main thing - do not forget sunblock cream!