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How to marry happily? Part 1

to Marry - not to attack, not the abyss is as if married! These are two absolutely different tasks: one business - to marry, another - to marry happily. to

How to marry, it is in detail written in the article “How to Behave to the Girl to Marry“: article is not really kind, but realistic. The main thing in science “to marry“ is:

1) to learn to eliminate men in love who at any love are not going to marry soon;

2) to play on man`s feeling of the hunter, putting itself before men as the woman who needs to be tried to obtain and won.

And here to marry happily - it is about another. It how to find the person how to find the person worthy how to build and maintain the cordial and open relations. If you meet such person - you fall in love with him, but future happiness begins not with feeling of love, and with your ability to understand people. Moreover, strong love quite often appears rather a hindrance: the stronger we are in love, the more difficult for us to understand features of the one who so strongly attracts us.

How to find the person? Something will prompt you heart, something the head. Strictly speaking, heart here at anything, will prompt you your body: if to the person physically pulls you, touches concern, and in dance your bodies develop - well and pat-a-cake, one important point closed. The second - as far as you have similar habits and values, and here needs to include the head. If you too different, it is better to remain in friends or the love relations, and do not fool each other the head. The family is more than meetings and a bed, spouses have to be in one team, have to feel each other and pull in one party.

Important : it is the best of all to make the decision “to leave - not to marry“ at the time of cooling of the relations. Love dims the head, but if you and at the time of quarrel understand that you all the same want to live with this person for many years together - most likely, you are right. That to double-check it, take a leaflet and in writing deliver points to the elect in the following parameters:

It is dear friend, with it it is easy, interesting and sincere. Open and warm talk, pleasantly, plus at least on trifles will always help.

my man - the serious person, he is able to provide a family and is ready to do it. It is possible to talk to it about money, it treats money responsibly, and on the arrangement with it it is possible to rely on it.

my darling - my protection and a support. I am not weak, but in really difficult situations I can always rely on it. He is not afraid to assume crucial decisions, takes the responsibility everything that is possible. I behind it, absolutely safe.

my man is able to equip life. What is necessary - either will make itself, or will organize that everything that was necessary, everything joined and washed away that everything worked and that about repairs the head did not hurt me.

my man - the strong and gentle lover. - it is pleasant to me!

He clever, vigorous also cares that we did not sour: to it development both the, and mine is important. With it I will be in development, and such development suits me.

my native person will be an excellent father to my children. They will respect him and to love, he will be able to bring up from them healthy and clever people.

This man will be able to be head of the family. It can control both itself(himself), and all of us, it clever and strong. I am ready to listen to it.

men have also minuses, hope, you will consider them too. As if you were not in love, you will not marry the one who lies to you who affords roughness and fieriness. Affords it now - it will be even worse further. Means, it does not suit us. Addictions, walks, alcohol - is deleted at once. He can say that he loves you, but if the can of beer is more expensive to it, than you are not your man. If he is an exploiter or the idler, sensitive or in depressions, not prestigious or the sloven, always with claims or the jailer, deprives you of freedom and friends - think three times whether such gift is necessary to you. In marriage - that it is possible to leave, but near it happy you will not become. “And we do not have others!“ - yes, probably, but still nothing means. If you set such task, then to get access to really worthy men quite really.

Clever women always choose, but the choice is difficult: this is pleasant and approaches, but suddenly ahead of me my dream waits? But maybe, also does not wait, and this - here, on everything concordant... A titmouse in hands or a crane in the sky? There is no wish to agree to a compromise, and you will choose too long, you can be left in general with nothing. How it is correct? Remember the decision : estimate total number of possible applicants and divide into three. The received number is a number of those whom you should reject. After that take any who will be best of all previous.

If this person suits you and you are able to agree with him, you have good chances of the strong relations and a strong family. It is a love basis, but it still - not love. And if you were only in love, you know, love passes soon. And whether your attitudes towards love here will come - it is a question of another where it is important to love first of all your ability, that is to live soul of another and to think first of all of its interests.

How it? And here so: to worry not about that how many what receive or you do not receive, and to care for what you give in the relations or do not give yet. Perhaps, you were lucky, absolutely wonderful person fell in love with you, burns with feelings and made you the proposal. Hurrah? Not obviously. Question: and you to it such it is necessary? Sensitive, not sustained, you are not able to prepare... Present, he foolishly marries you - it seems, pleasure, but in half a year he will regain consciousness, will understand that he “got“ - and after that you got already. Not to get into such situation, you learn to love: you teach yourself to warmth, consistency and usual human gratitude, accustom themselves to care for interests of darling, and only then near you there will be the one who is ready to care for your interests.

Concrete hint : surely together discuss the questionnaire of the family contract and already during this discussion you learn to agree, thinking not only of the interests, but first of all thinking of the one whom you love. You - love?

And if you not the coward if you believe in yourself and in the man, you can ask the darling very abrupt question... The ordinary girl never without hint will ask this most important, most serious question, and you - can. Looking to the man directly in eyes, ask him seriously about prospects of your relations: “Tell please how many years you will love me? Figure? May you designate number of years on which I can count? “ As it strange to girls, men are adult and serious men - understand such question quite. If the young man from this question turned sour or strange was surprised - it not quite the man, consider it. And if you this question were answered seriously, you can congratulate yourself: near you the real man. To you is on whom to rely.

Continuation - “How to marry happily? Part 2“