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Modern charlatans are Ostap Bender`s descendants?

the Situation so banal that, apparently, can be begun and terminated the well-known phrase from Arkady Raikin: “Oh, make a fool of our brother, oh and make a fool!“ What else additions are necessary to these words? Really, make a fool! But feature is that other citizens at all not against they were deceived, having got the unlimited sum from a purse.

However, times already others, not so dense as regards naivety, as at the great schemer Ostap Bender. Now grandmothers in the market do not trade in grasses from all diseases. They trained for a new profession in sale managers of the goods, incredibly useful to our organism, made “by Made in I do not know where“. Here to you example offhand.

Very intelligent look the granny with super - pupermodny image personal belongings goes on entrances of multi-storey buildings and suggests to buy the latest invention certain closed for privacy reasons scientifically - research institute of general medicine - magnetic bracelets for all occasions. Certainly, business is put on a modern basis. To bracelets the newspaper is offered free of charge (the offset multi-color printing on the Finnish chalk overlay paper!) with responses of citizens which used bracelets and happily got rid of an illness. Of course, there is a photo of these citizens and allegedly their home addresses. But any phone number! In the output data of the newspaper the circulation of the edition is not specified and in general there is no stamp place. Is not present and given about findings of edition. At survey of a bracelet it is useless to look for a logo of the producer … with

According to just the same scheme also many other distributors of wonderful products act. The main thing - advertizing! And if it is legislatively authorized to print without registration with a circulation up to 999 copies, that print such nonsense … And nothing prevents “to buy“ in printing house at printers in addition unlimited number of thousands of copies of the “left“ circulation. However, often professional services of printers are not necessary. Desktop publishing systems allow “to spank“ anything in excellent quality. As they say, whether there would be only a paper and paint for cartridges …

Should be surprised to the fact that all who feel like it began to be engaged in doubtful business? Here still typical example. Newspapers of free announcements often give messages from sorcerers, clairvoyants, healers … These citizens and citizens are not engaged in charity. They have firm “tariffs“ for rendering services. For example, visit of the fortuneteller minimum will cost one thousand rubles. “Record“ on reception - by the mobile phone. And as “in turn“, to you will appoint date not the present day, and much later. On the conversation course the fortuneteller will ask numbers of mobile phones of your relatives - “if your phone will be inaccessible“. The scheme works smoothly. Several days later the fortuneteller elementary will begin to call your relatives and relatives and is imperceptible for them to obtain information necessary to it on you. And further you should admire her insight and its magic penetration into secrets of your private life at visit of the fortuneteller. Well and, needless to say, to leave the stipulated sum.

Unfortunately, on such here moments even highly educated people “fly by“. They just lack ingenuity. Certainly, examples of obvious fraud can be continued and continued. And a conclusion will be only one: modern descendants of Ostap Bender know much more ways of rather fair depriving at citizens of money now.

But also you have to be at the level of an era. The Internet exists not only for viewing of a porno. Many methods of fishing at the population are described by deception of money in the Network repeatedly. And not only in the Network! There are even printing editions on a subject how not to become the sucker. So look for means of protection. It in your blood interests!