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In what negative consequences of a love spell are expressed?

many newspapers dazzle Now with advertizing of love spells. It seems that this service becomes rather popular and demanded. What is actually received by the customer of a love spell? Let`s try to understand an essence of this phenomenon, having looked at it on the other hand.

it is rather tempting to i to Catch object of desire. Especially as many experts promise to make it quickly and with a guarantee. The range of love magic includes hundreds of ways and methods of manipulation with energy of the person with the purpose to cause strong attachment and dependence. Here both ancient rural methods, and modern, even evidence-based ways.

Many people who were affected by a love spell describe how from scratch they begin to experience emotions not peculiar to them and attachments. The person who was not causing any feelings becomes suddenly very attractive, attracting, his manifestations become fascinating. This draft can be so strong that becomes similarity of some persistence. And on this background there are enough several meetings that the trap slammed and our poor ôloverô at own will made everything that want from it.

, It seems, all received the desirable. But continuation is usually quite sad as commission of a love spell is violation of several laws of life at once.

In - the first, the free will of the person who underwent a love spell is broken. to It imposes false perception of other person and dependence on it, in fact, his will breaks. It is a huge trauma for any, comparable with physical or other psychological abuse. Now the charmed person lives others life and becomes deeply sick psychologically even if consequences of it are shown after a while. To dull this pain, in many cases resort to alcohol, drugs and other dependences.

In - the second, reaction to a severe trauma is internal rejection of that to whom charmed. artificially created dependence and an inclination Are, but in parallel there is the deepest rejection and hatred to the person on whom charmed depends. There is a huge conflict which to resolve not in power without assistance. At one moments there is an adoration and attachment, in others - flash of hatred and desire to suspend all relations. And it is impossible to tear, the deadlock. And rushes about poor charmed from one extreme in another. Whether happiness in such family is possible?

In - the third, the charmed person is forced to spend a huge number of energy for the partner. it artificially forced to have strong feelings, and on it as you understand, it is necessary to spend many forces. As a result the black hole demanding constant emotional investments grows. Not everyone will be able to live in such conditions, therefore charmed, on supervision of the people who adjoined to this sphere of life do not live long. The love spell takes away part of their vital energy.

So, we considered some hidden negative sides of a love spell. Separate conversation - the description of consequences for the customer of a love spell and for the children who appeared as a result of such communication. However, I hope that identification of the above-stated negative sides will already be enough for many to refuse commission of a love spell.