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BORIS ZABOROV. Belarusian, Russian or French artist?

In France Boris Zaborov are the French artist - 33 years ago he moved from Minsk to Paris, and in Paris became known. Russia considers it as Russian. But Boris Zaborov considers himself as the Belarusian artist.

He was born in a family of the artist Abram Zaborov. Finished 8 - y a class of high school and arrived in 1950 on the second year of the Minsk art school. In 1954 came to Academy of Arts of St. Petersburg. In 1956 moved to Moscow, and in 1961 graduated from the Moscow art institute of Surikov. After the termination of institute in 1961 moved to Minsk. Was engaged in book graphics. Was an illustrator of books, the theatrical decorator. But did in the spare time painting. And it did it with pleasure, and the book graphics gave means for life. In May, 1981 decided to change sharply life, went to Paris, and was not mistaken. Since 1983 began to work with Claude Bernard`s gallery.

His portrait pictures, his pictures with landscapes make fascinating impression because are executed in the muffled tones. Such pictures appeared in 1982 at the first exhibition in Paris. For work on a picture Zaborov used studio pictures which collection he incidentally took with himself when went to Paris. The studio photo transfers special mood of the past therefore are necessary muffled tone. It is difficult to see the past in bright paints Zaborov considers. The artist tries to obtain contact of a picture and eyes of the audience. In his pictures paints sound quietly. And the surface of a picture turns out vibrating.

Here so the collection of studio pictures helped it with work. His idea was original. Many galleries paid attention to works.

In the Soviet Union Boris Zaborny`s works were noted by the first awards at the competition “The Most Beautiful Book of Year“ in 1971 in Moscow. When he lived in Paris, its exhibitions took place in the different countries. Zaborov`s picture “A self-portrait with model“ got an award at the international competition of arts in Monte - Carlo in 2002.

Though life of the artist Boris Zaborov as if is divided into two parts: Soviet and Parisian, the destiny developed successfully, it took place as the artist. Its works are stored in galleries of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Vienna, and other galleries. Pictures are very interesting, and are constantly exposed at auctions.

Boris Zaborov is considered as the gifted artist. The talent of the artist is confirmed by the fact that in 2008 Boris Zaborov`s picture “A self-portrait with model“ was got by Uffizi Gallery. Boris Zaborov is the original modern writer who filled up a collection of gallery for the last fifty years.

Boris Zaborov`s Picture got to the collection consisting of 1650 self-portraits which in Uffitsi was collected since the 17th century. In a collection there are names of the Russian artists. The author presented the picture “Self-portrait with Model“ to the well-known museum of the world.

Only in 2010 Boris Zaborov arrived to Minsk with 36 pictures and one sculptural composition for the organization of an exhibition. The exhibition of the Belarusian artist took place in the National art museum of Belarus. One year prior to an exhibition Boris Zaborov presented to the National art museum of Belarus the picture “Barn“.

The sculptural composition to “The book and writing“ very much interested visitors. The artist interestingly represented the book according to which figures and letters of alphabets of people of the world run. Sculptural composition Boris Zaborov expressed writing vision, considering that studying and reading books promotes development of culture and progress.

Boris Zaborov wrote the book “Chain of Accidents or Destiny“. The edition of the book, 75 - Boris Zaborov`s anniversary, and his exhibition in Belarus happened in one year. The book is published in three languages. In the book the author narrates about a difficult and saturated course of life, but he that also made the artist known. Way of permanent, laborious job and creative search.