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Where UFOs disappeared?

It seems that grew already the generation which is not understanding sense of reduction of UFO. And only two decades ago seldom what mass media did not report about the unknown flying objects. Even the magazines devoted to UFO were issued. And suddenly - silence...

However, not suddenly, of course - recession of interest in subject UFO went gradually. But if to compare the ninetieth years of the last century (when the subject reached the peak) to present time, then the situation, certainly, is surprising. Really, where UFOs disappeared?

We will try to deal with how the sensation with UFO “was untwisted“ at first. Here details, most likely, are not necessary to the senior generation. But nevertheless there is a reason to tell that something unclear in the sky was fixed also by ancient manuscripts. Only what was seen differently was called. The term UFO - the invention of already modern civilization.

If to read information messages of a number of editions for the second half of the twentieth century careful, then without effort it is possible to notice aspiration writing to give to news about UFO the increased “readability“. And as established facts was, as a rule, very little, also the imagination was used. On this soil there were sometimes such “details“ that just right was to cancel all fairy tales from - for written new. Not incidentally the science with irony concerns to those who at the end of the twentieth century described the allegedly contacts with crews of UFO.

But to be fair it should be noted: certain scientists do not ignore subject UFO, collect and analyze information from different sources. In their opinion, unknown the mankind is not able to explain about ten percent from total so far in any way. It turns out, something it seems as if flies whether but on the business there are aliens - is not proved.

Without going into details, we will sort three directions in which tried (and try to this day) to explain an UFO phenomenon.

The overwhelming number of supervision allegedly the UFO without special difficulties “fits“ into technogenic manifestations of a civilization . First of all - the starts of space equipment which are burning down in the atmosphere of Earth the satellites which served the, tests of military character...

The direction, the second for the importance, with “manifestation“ of UFO - the natural phenomena . In particular, magnetic storms sometimes cause unexpected visual effects in high layers of the atmosphere. And the polar lights sometimes fall even to southern latitudes. Various shining moving spolokh can get the most bizzare shapes. Sight at the person is “under control“ on many moments to a brain. And if there, in our head, there is a desire to see something unusual and difficult to explain, then at some moment our consciousness also will give such “picture“. And it is possible “to conjecture“ if to want.

And here we closely approached the third direction with “manifestation“ of UFO. It will be a question about mass as if zombiing a certain part of the population on the moments distracting from harsh realities of life.

So, the ninetieth years of the past century - the period of collapse of the USSR. Political and economic crisis. And whether it is strange that the overwhelming part of supervision of UFO of that time fell on residents of the former USSR? In Africa or in America such mass number of supervision of UFO then was not. Why UFOs so “fell in love“ with the territory of the USSR?

But was also Kashpirovsky and Chumak`s phenomenon when without exception families sat down in front of the screen of the TV and believed that it is possible “to be loaded“ with a certain wonderful energy and to recover. You remember? And still newspapers and magazines with the “loaded“ photos... And whether it is worth being surprised to the fact that the fooled people, having read the next message that somebody in Uryupinsk saw something in the sky there and it is sure that it is UFO, stuck out at the nights with field-glasses on balconies and were ready to take any flash for signals from aliens?

Not so long ago certain ufologists began to say that our civilization not one on the planet Earth. Say, in depths of the World Ocean there is a civilization too. Allegedly point some factors to it. For example, seamen - submariners noticed some huge objects which are not reacting to signals and sharply changing speed.

It was supposed that the base of aliens is on the Moon. And, it seems, UFOs exactly from there arrive. Tens of times on the Moon removed something. But all photos have no sufficient sharpness. What`s the matter? By means of satellites accurate photomaps of the Moon are created and on them nothing “alien“ is visible. You will involuntarily think that pictures of lunar bases of aliens are made in a photoshop.

And whether there were UFOs? Certainly, (very small) of supervision of UFO it is difficult to explain some part from the point of view of our knowledge. But aliens can quite be in depths of the ocean of Earth, on any other planet of Solar system, in the parallel world... Yes anywhere! Then in what a problem?

That for rather big period of time we do not see any convincing example of contact of our civilization with another. Supervision of ufologists will hardly put the end to dispute with “serious“ science as everything rests against absence of “evidential“ base. And now and to observe it seems as there was nothing - UFOs which could be referred on “category“ to those ten percent of mysterious secret disappeared.