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What was George Washington engaged on pension in? Cooked whisky

Before leaving presidency in 1797, the Father Otechestva and the first U.S. President George Washington looked forward to rest from the state cares and quiet rural life in the estate Maunt - Vernon what it was deprived throughout presidency of.

But being a person of innovations, Washington never missed opportunities to try something new and to improve the already profitable economy. Inviting in a manor of the Scottish manager, the first president did not know, than it will turn back for it. The retired politician unexpectedly became the large producer and the seller of whisky.

James Anderson immigrated to Virginia at the beginning of 1790 - x years. - Vernon it found all in Maunt whisky, necessary for the organization of production: abundance of vegetable raw materials, good water and the developed economy.

Just to arrival of the Scot Washington set extensive fields with rye as a measure of maintenance of health of the soil. Rye was not in special demand in the market of grain crops, but Anderson also did not think it to sell, he wanted to make of it whisky.

At the age of 65 years George Washington was not going to get mixed up in ventures. Nevertheless, having listened to Anderson`s proposal and having consulted to the friend who had the rum business, agreed.

In the first winter Anderson began with only two small distillation cubes. Results turned out so successful that Washington approved construction of full-fledged distillery with five distillers. Construction came to the end in 1798, having marked emergence in the estate of the largest distilling enterprise of the USA at that time.

In 1799 on distillery made 11 thousand gallons of raw unrestrained whisky which Washington sold, having gained in total 1800 dollars, something about 120 thousand in modern calculation.

Alas, the first U.S. President the same year died, without having managed to enjoy monasteries of the largest producer of whisky in the country. Two centuries later from once largest production there was only a grassed base.

After death of Washington his nephew Lawrence Lewis who was not possessing a grasp, mind and an initiative of the great relative got distillery. Distillation business in hands of the successor “stayed afloat“, but no more than that. When in 1814 there was a fire, Lewis did not begin to restore plant.

In 1930 - x the estate redeemed the State of Virginia, planning to revive, except other, distillery. However the Great depression interfered with plans, it was succeeded to restore only one mill, but business did not reach reconstruction of distillery.

Remembered plant at the turn of the century. In 1997 the base of the original enterprise was found by local historians as a result of archaeological searches. In 2001 group of enthusiasts - historians, archeologists and vinokur, previously having secured with financial support of the American Council of hard alcoholic drinks (Distilled Spirits Council), carried out archival search, having found and having studied the available documents to find out both technology of historical production, and value of the enterprise for local economy.

Results of research allowed to restore distillery of Washington and to open it for public visits in 2007. Today this completely functioning enterprise where annually, once - in March, another - approximately in November, whisky cooks and sell it to tourists. The first circulation welded in 2009 dispersed within two hours.

The recipe of historical whisky did not change since then when Anderson for the first time welded a batch. The jam for 65% consists of rye grain to which add 35% of corn and 5% of barley malt.

The crushed grains make boiled water, the malt necessary for transformation of grain starch to sugar, add for the second day. For the third day go the yeast feeding on sugar and processing it into alcohol into action.

The rewandering mash is merged in the copper cubes restored on the remained original samples of the 18th century which are exposed in the museum of distillery today. The mash heated by a flame of firewood evaporates, vapors of alcohol are besieged in the pipes cooled by water from a local stream.

Ready young unrestrained whisky is on sale, since third Monday of February when in the USA celebrate the Presidential day dated for birthday of George Washington.