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How to make Provencal bread a land mine?

Of course, a land mine - not the most known French bread. If to speak about bread and France, then, certainly, the first the baguette, croissant and briosh are remembered. And here so it turns out that a land mine - the poor relative not only the Italian focaccia, but also the French fellow countrymen. And by the way, very in vain!

Personally to my taste, the land mine is the most tasty of the French bread. In any case, it, certainly, is worthy that it at least once to try and most to understand “that, how much“ and “who whom“. Especially as to do this bread in power to any who is ready to devote to this fascinating occupation several minutes of the time.

Ingredients : on one and a half glasses of wheat flour we take 150 ml of warm water, on 1 teaspoon of honey, dry yeast and salt and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. For a stuffing I took a few dried tomatoes, several olives (by the way, it is possible to make and in general without stuffing or to put in a stuffing something exclusively to you warming soul - for example, nuts, prunes, fried onions, baked garlic). For powder at me of an oregano and coarse salt, but usually take mix of Provence herbs... which at me in economy it did not appear today...

For the test in water we part yeast and honey, we sift flour in a pan and we mix it with salt. We add water with the dissolved honey and yeast there and, gradually adding olive oil, we knead smooth gentle dough.

As well as it is got with yeast dough, it is absolutely impossible to spoil it a trembling and love vymeshivaniye, here and we work on it minutes 10. We spread ready dough in the oiled pan, we cover with a film or a pure towel and we clean in a locker for about 40 - 60 minutes until dough on increases in volume twice.

While dough approaches, we prepare a stuffing . We get stones from olives, about a pomidorok if there is a desire or need, we remove a skin and we cut them. We mix a handful of flour with the dry grass chosen by us for this case and a pinch of coarse sea salt.

When dough approached (increased in volume), we implicate in it a stuffing (olives and tomatoes).

We powder baking paper with a thin layer from a half of the prepared mix of flour and a grass, we spread dough and we powder it with the remains of flour mix.

We roll dough in an oval or a triangle (it as will turn out) with thickness about a polusantimetr. We do cuts, characteristic of a land mine: one long cut along and from each party from it - on three small cross that drawing reminded a leaf with streaks. Slightly we stretch cuts and we lay the prepared flat cake under a pure towel for about 30 minutes for a final rasstoyka.

We bake a land mine in the oven warmed to 220 degrees, having splashed on the lower baking sheet of water, minutes 15 - 20. To an appetizing golden crust. It is better to eat a land mine on the same day (as, however, and any, especially French, bread). My son claims that this bread something is similar to pizza. And this is eaten hlebushka not in a day, and for hour. at best - two. So successful to you pastries and bon appetit!