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The man - the bachelor: how to fight against it?

Inveterate bachelors - quite widespread type of men. Whether so historically it developed in their life that it did not turn out to establish with anybody a family, whether by nature they were born misogynists, but the fact remains - they exist.

And still, contrary to a resistant position of loneliness, the nature prevails. They also want female heat and attention, care and just female power nearby. Even if he still lives with mother, but mother for him is, first of all, the relative, but not the woman. Therefore men - bachelors it is possible and it is necessary to tame. Only very carefully!

First of all, it must be kept in mind that bachelors already had certain habits and vital values. To interfere in his life and abruptly to change everything - it is useless. It will give rise only to a wall of misunderstanding and rejection. Its settled rhythm of life can only be accepted and understood, but not to try to arrange it under itself at all. Otherwise - you will be needs other man.

In - the second, it is not necessary to believe self-confidently that the man who long lived one will apprehend you as the envoy of heaven. That he right there will call you to himself, will ask rich borsch and home-made cutlets. To it it is quite comfortable in that situation of chaos and loneliness (with perhaps, and infrequent, but noncommittal sex) which developed. If you to a descent begin to change it, it will disappear in the unknown direction. It is possible to coexist with it only as the free relations. Then he will understand that you do not pose for it threat , will relax and by then will already get used - itself will be afraid to lose you.

Never start talking about a wedding and children of the first. The man - the bachelor should not see in you the hunter. On the contrary, be inaccessible, a riddle to become more desired for it.

If you moved to the bachelor to live, do not hurry to do repair, to hang up new curtains, everywhere to place flowers in pots and tubes with cosmetics. In a word, to fill the house with all that was not there earlier. Ignoring of personal space of the bachelor will not play to you on advantage. On the contrary, show the modesty . Let he will feel the head in this house, the owner, and itself will offer you places and regiments for the equipment of “a female zone“.

you Praise it. If in the barchelor apartment to it and to talk - was unless with the TV, real-life, interesting communication which, besides, ennobles it will be extremely pleasant to it and it is necessary.

show the helplessness in something More often. Got used that one copes with everything, the bachelor can even not suspect that other (female) lonely person can be needs his help. The feeling that it is necessary to someone, surely will please it. And he will try to become you useful as often as possible. Perhaps, will even suggest to marry always to be near you and to help.

Be special and irreplaceable. Use spirits which smell he cannot solve, learn to cook masterly meat according to the special recipe that try it it could only in your execution. In a word, create it stay conditions near you which he will not be able to refuse.

What inveterate, they are, first of all, men. And it is necessary for them that near them there was a beautiful girlfriend, the partner, the hostess and the mistress. The main thing - was able to show them that they can meet all this in your person.