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Russian Silhouette of 2014.

on June 26 within 36 - go the Moscow international Film Festival there passed the evening organized by Russian Silhouette charity foundation. Displays of Russian Silhouette Fund become not one year a noticeable event in cultural life of the capital. They opened many bright stars in the world of fashion, set a high level of the Russian design art and steel is predictable an interesting event for experts and fans of fashion, visual art, elevated vital style. Names of former prize-winners of a competition are known far outside our country and are synonyms of world brands: Alexander Terekhov (Terexov), Oleg Ovsiyev (Viva Vox), Alyona Akhmadullina (Ahmadullina), Lyudmila Dobrokhotova (Dobrokhotova), Inna Kolpashnikova (Kolpashnikova), Natalya Tarasevich (Taksa), Olga Romina (Romina), Tasha Strogaya (Tasha Strogaya), Olga Samoshchenko (Samoschenko), Elena Skakun (Elena Skakun), Sasha Shadrina (Claudia), Evgenia Ostrovskaya (Evgenia Ostrovskaya), Victoria Gazinskaya (Vika Gazinskaya), Kirill Gasilin (Cyrille Gassilline), Ruslan Gumenny (Ruslan Gumennyy), Andrey Repin (Andrey Repin), Oleg Popov (Oleg Popov).

- I do not represent the Moscow International Film Festival without our display which takes place already for the fifteenth time. It became the present business card of fund, - the president of “the Russian Silhouette“ Tatyana Mikhalkova told. To support action there arrived a judge of fashion - show and the president of a film festival Nikita Mikhalkov. Display was talented symbiosis of fashion, cinema and art. As quite often its models were the famous actresses, authors of works - artists, and judges of action - all those who in art, fashion and cinema understand. To a podium this evening there were actresses of the Russian theater and cinema: Irina Lachina, Marina Orlova, Natalya Lesnikovskaya, Ales Kacher, Maria Kozakova, Evgenia Lapova, Natalia Nikolaeva, Anna Soloveychik, Tatyana Hramova, Nastasia Samburskaya, Nadezhda Sysoyeva, Irina Barinova, Katharine Asya, Anastasia Shubskaya - Glagoleva, the TV host Olga Dmitriyeva. They played small performances in collection clothes. The acting characters in whom there were unique samples of the modern fashionable industry. Tamara Syomina, the legendary actress of the Russian cinema, showed a charming city suit. The audience had a double delight - both from a suit, and from the flying gait of the beautiful woman. The pause in display was filled by speech of the honored actress of Russia Varvara. Its prompt violet song scattered wind after ringing waves of an airy dress. There is no typographical error here - so it seemed to the audience.

Display of “the Russian Silhouette“ went to Galleries of arts of Zurab Tsereteli in “the hall of knowledge of good and evil“ with Adam`s apple in the center. Monumentalism of works of the sculptor attached to display special majestic significance. Adam`s apple represents the relations of the first of the man and the woman. The fashion arose thanks to these relations. Therefore “presence“ on display of “the Russian Silhouette“ of Adam and Eve - the first representatives of the industry of fashion - became symbolical. The presentation was opened by the collection of the fashion designer Alice Tolkacheva devoted to stars of the Soviet cinema. Under Eduard Artemyev`s music on a podium models in black transparent dresses and airy kerchiefs appeared. The retro intertwined in a collection with modern motives, showing as if “Fashion of memory“. The image of the bride on a podium was shown by Ms. Russia - 2011 Natalya Gantimurova. - This collection an embodiment of very difficult way of the actress, through thorns to stars, - the designer explained the ideas.

Annually the fund checks hundreds of bids. The final is reached not by many. But it is the best of the best. Among them - winners of the International competition of young designers Nadezhda Udelnova and Ekaterina Ilyukhina. They showed already recognized collections prt - and - port. The collection was shown by Oleg Ovsiyev, the designer of the domestic VIVA VOX brand, and many others.

- I am glad that this evening brought together friends of fund, all those who love fashion and cinema, - the founder of “the Russian Silhouette“ Alexander Mitroshenkov told. Zurab Tsereteli`s gallery brought together hundreds of guests among whom there were cinematographers from Pakistan, Italy, France, old friends of fund, actors, directors and members of the media. Actresses came to take the colleagues: Larisa Udovichenko, Elena Kandulaynen, Alesya Sudzilovskaya, Nadezhda Mikhalkova, Rezo Gigineishvili. Anfisa Chekhova, Yulia Pozhidayeva. Designers: Lisa Romanyuk, Dzhemal Makhmudov, Alexey Vlasov, Yulia Kupinskaya, Sergey Efremov, Katerina Koroleva, Irina Krutikova, Kira Plastinina. Leaders of the federal channels: Boris Korchevnikov, Alyona Dublyuk, Irina Polyakova, journalist Ekaterina Odintsova. Conducting evenings the TV host of NTV Maria Grigorieva, the director of display Valentin Safin acted. The official stylist of display - the Moscow club of makeup artists “Forum“. Andrey Malakhov`s magazine StarHit acted as the general information partner of evening. Information partners of evening - World Fashion Channel TV channel, Season Hit and Eclectic magazines, the Internet - portals: 7Days. ru, ModaNews. ru, Pyatnizza. com, Life. RU, ANNARUSSKA. RU, the Russian Business Register, Life - InStyle. com, BW4U. RU, resources: KLEO. RU, KLEOS. RU, Byyuti Klub, CROSSFASHION. RU.