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How to develop confidence at the timid child?

Many children at elementary school happen timid and constraining. This trait of character is formed at them at earlier age when the kid uses any ways of drawing attention of adults including shyness.

Sometimes shyness does not create problems for the child in communication or study at all, and in that case there are no reasons for concern. We will consider ways of the help to those children who consider themselves insufficiently “courageous“ or are afraid to communicate with people.

It is useful for the child doubting himself to open eyes on all its achievements. Since the moment of the birth the human being continuously studies how to cope with the most difficult tasks and masters the mass of skills which it is quite possible to call achievements.

Here the list of some things which everyone is able to carry out 10 - the summer child:

- walking and informal conversation;

- ability to put on clothes;

- ability independently is;

- setting of laces;

- driving the bicycle;

- storing and application of the alphabet;

- skills of reading and spelling;

- ability to play checkers;

- knowledge of the multiplication table.

Suggest the child to make the similar list with the indication of age in which each skill was acquired and perfected. Perhaps, already in the course of writing he will be visited by awareness of all importance of its personal qualities and the acquired skill.

It is also possible to suggest the child to dream on a subject: “I in the future“. For this purpose it is necessary to take a sheet of paper, to draw a point in the top corner of a leaf and other point - on the lower party of the same leaf. The lower point means present age of the child, and top - future age, say, 30 years. In space between these two points he can write the list of future achievements and tasks.

This exercise is useful for the child that it changes conscious vision of and forms in subconsciousness a positive image of in the future, creates support and confidence in the forces.

It is also useful to keep the daily “Diary of Courage“: it is necessary to suggest the child to choose the notebook which attracted to him, to independently sign it and to describe in it all “courageous“ moments, the child for the passable day. Records can be kept in the form of illustrations, at the request of the child.

It is necessary to enter system of encouragement: for each diary entry to award the child with a color sticker in the form of an asterisk or the favourite character, then to note them in a calendar emergence of entries in “the Diary of Courage“.

It is possible to sign the contract with the child that, for example, 10 celebrated days mean receiving remuneration for it. Ice cream, visit of cinema, trip to the grandmother can be a prize, long-awaited departure on picnic or in shops, increase in the put time of stay in park etc. of

Also happens that it is difficult to timid children to start talking the first to people, to show an initiative and to strike up new acquaintances to other children. If the help and assistance of parents in this plan is always available to small children, then at the age of school age children need development of skills of involvement of new friends.

In - the first, it is useful to designate for the child that he is an interesting personality, and many children want to be on friendly terms with him.

In - the second, it is necessary to explain to the child that it is the best of all to look for friends among the people showing the friendly relation as they are more open for communication.

Well to explain to the child of a basis of human communication, it is possible to offer it the Game “Feelings and Body“. For this purpose on 12 separate pieces of paper the child needs to write names of 12 different feelings and to put in the container. Together with friends or parents in turn to extend the inscribed pieces on one and to try to represent this feeling, using only the movements of a body - without sounds or words. When the audience guesses the represented feeling, “actor“ sits down and concedes turn to the following player.

In process of recognition of different feelings through this game, the child understands that people communicate not only by means of words, but also through a facial expression and the movements of a body. It is possible to determine by language of a body whether the person is ready for communication at present. Having mastered body language, the child will learn to report consciously to others about the desire to communicate - people intuitively reach more for those who look friendly.

It is also important to teach the child to companionship bases between people. On the example to show as any human relations need to be filled with such positive contents as mutual aid and gratitude.

Small children are very much attracted, for example, by process of creation of color cards to the friends. Children develop the creative potential, decorating such self-made cards and signing them on different cases of life: “Recover!“, to “My best friend“, “Thanks!“, “Do not long“ etc.

of the Card and other gifts to friends can be created, using computer programs. It is important to maintain interest of the child and to send it to the positive course. Ability to feel pity and help others promotes psychological formation of the personality, forms right vital views and attracts positive people.