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What to look in Vilnius at? Locks and the cathedrals

Center of Vilnius it is impregnated with spirit of old times. In architecture symbiosis of cultures is observed - all styles from a gothic style to a postmodernism are presented here.

the Central part of the city consists of the Old city of (Syanamestis) and New (Nauyamestis). The old city occupies 360 hectares and it is considered one of biggest remained in Europe. At Town Hall Square it is possible to sit on shops or at restaurants which are almost continually. For Christmas and New Year there is a fir-tree here, fairs and festivities are organized.

If from the Town hall to go straight, then it is possible to come to the main, Cathedral square on which there is “horse“ rather of a monument to the founder of the city - to the prince Gediminas , established in 1996. It seems, practically in each city there is the person on a horse where usually make appointment. Though here prince Gedimin not astride. On this square organize fairs, festivities, concerts.

The Catholic cathedral of Saints Stanislav and Vladislav impresses with the sizes. It was put by the prince Yagaylo in 1387 on the place where there was a pagan pagan temple earlier. In 1922 the status of a basilica was provided to the temple that means “royal“. The cathedral served many centuries as a tomb of the Lithuanian princes and grandees. Masses are daily carried out, and for persons interested to visit vaults organize excursions.

Vilnius was founded by the prince Gediminas in 1323 in the place of merge of two rivers - Wag also Neris. Here he transferred the new capital from the ancient city of Trakaya. As well as any medieval city, Vilnius began with the lock. In the city there were three locks - Curve, Top and Nizhny Novgorod. Up to now on the Castle mountain only Gediminas`s tower remained. There it is possible to rise on the special funicular which works as the elevator, ticket cost - 3 litas. But if there are forces, then it is possible to save a coin and to climb on foot a special path. The top view really shakes - all city clearly. From here Gore can also well see three crosses. In olden days it was the Bald mountain. Crosses were established in memory of martyrdom of monks - Franciscans who were killed by pagans.

From this mountain it is visible that the city very green: 69% of the territory occupy green plantings. Also in the distance it is possible to see a television tower 326 meters high. Approximately in the middle, at the level of 165 meters - Road of Birds restaurant. In spite of the fact that through the city the rivers flow, supply with drinking water is completely provided from underground sources.

Partially Nizhny Novgorod the lock remained where there is a House of governors. Now it is a big museum complex. Behind the Cathedral there are historical and archaeological museums. For the best understanding of the Lithuanian history it is better to take audio - the guide or to order excursion. If to become a back to an entrance to the Cathedral, then Gedimin Street goes straight. It is possible to walk on it, it is already modern new city. The museum of occupation which is in the former building of KGB deserves attention . In the cellar reconstruction of prison is recreated. The place, of course, depressing especially a chamber where made executions. There still were traces from bullets.

If to return to the Old city, then it is possible to walk round narrow small streets still. Near the Cathedral - the Vilnius university which takes the whole quarter. And if to turn in other party - it is possible to leave to St. Anna`s cathedral.

In the city old palaces remained . Most important - Presidential which is near University. It is constructed in style of late classicism. In the small palace Radzivillov is the museum of music, cinema and theater now, and in the Big palace Radzivillov - the Art museum.

But Vilnius is also modern shopping centers and entertainments. About it is in the third part.