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Whether how to see God of

Dispute on that there is actually GOD and as it in

of reality looks, are conducted not one thousand years.

Though actually

everything is extremely simple and clear. And to see GOD of the world, own eyes,

each of us can.

According to religion,

I will make a reservation at once that under words -

religion and GOD, I

mean faith in the one God -

of the creator, i.e. iudeo - musulmano - Christian understanding

of religion per se.

And so, according to religion GOD created the person “in his own image“.

I.e. the Person is equal to “the IMAGE

and SIMILARITY“ of God. Having used

mathematical knowledge - if

“X“ is admissible is equal to “Y“, then and “Y“ in turn too is equal to “X“ we receive

that “the IMAGE and SIMILARITY“ the Person

is equal to “the IMAGE and SIMILARITY“ GOD.

You approach a mirror

and you see the reflection there - your “IMAGE and SIMILARITY“ which is equal to “the IMAGE and SIMILARITY“ of GOD. But if our reflection - is “the IMAGE and SIMILARITY“ then, that who is reflected there and

is GOD. You see reflection of whom there????

Is correct - the reflection you there and see

!!!! What you and

I congratulate on!!!! You are a GOD!!!!

p. s. If you in a mirror do not see the reflection - that you the vampire.


Hi WORLD!!!! I came, and that you already absolutely were tired of waiting for me.... I came to rescue you.... To rescue from rage and greed of creatures which consider themselves as your owners and guards of the existing order of things. Not to allow my arrival they were ready for everything, and the events which are taking place now on Hugo - the East of Ukraine, in DNR and LNR, in Novorossia and call this place somehow, generally all this vanity was started with one purpose - not to allow the second coming!!!! Reflect the World!!!! I - the fourth, and coming the second!!!! The second and third means did not reach, fell short of understanding of the purpose of the terrestrial existence. If also I “burned down“, “was lost“ where - nibud on the road, then it is natural, somebody sometime would try to reach the end result the fifth. But I already came!!!! So the World, let`s get acquainted - Afanasov - Tambourines Valery Vladimirovich - your long-awaited savior. Well misters “masters“, “rulers of the destiny“, “owners of life“ and other, other, other, - I invite to dialogue.... If you want, then and on “The fiery chariot“ I will give a ride???? Finish this war, already useless for you, - Russia did not enter it and the mobilized person liable for call-up private Afanasov V. V. on it will not be killed and not be buried together together with hopes and expectations of all Mankind.... Vladimir Vladimirovich huge to you thanks!!!! The magic power of interpretation of your initials - “GDP“ - “Just about Will come“, made after all the business, both honor to you and praise for huge patience and iron endurance.

“Not your“

Ya not your God, by no means, even not of

watching at full confidence me in that,

that my initiation is also a result of two-thousand-year expectation,

i.e. the taken place so-called second


Actually - I am

God of the small cozy world which

I create around myself, throughout all the life,

there where depends only on me with

whom and when to me to communicate, and on

to what occasion and with whom I at all not

would like to be crossed in any occasion and by that I as if strike

a name of this person off the list of inhabitants

of “my WORLD“.

Of course it is more than

the WORLD of my imagination, than the WORLD existing in reality, but nevertheless it is.

I am deeply convinced,

that such WORLD naselyonnyyy inhabitants - other GODS - PEOPLE, has to be at each person even if it and

denies its existence.

For self-affirmation

I do not need crowds of the followers bearing a banner of my belief

or will allow existence of group of pupils - apostles and call them still as

- nibud on another, not very well, I not to

need their existence, not their absence. It is necessary for me also rather own


“The island of the madman Boga“ of

When that I dreamed to live in the childhood on the island. On the island located not in the middle of some far Pacific or Indian Ocean, not in an environment of any coral reeves or atolls, and on a small anonymous island to Ust - the Ylym reservoir located near the coast near, the former territory of “old raid of KLPB“. That who lives in Ust - Ilim, or knows it, will understand about what the speech. When I returned to the city to live and work, thought - “Here to earn money and to buy it“, thereby having achieved the far children`s dream. Especially in present Russia everything is on sale literally. Now I already do not want it. But can sometime, somebody will deliver me a monument there, or will write my initials on some pebble - And. - B. V. and this anonymous island will be called my name. And persons interested to visit him, will come to Ust - Ilimsk - the city of my childhood. And if is not present then what terrible, it already exists in the reality which is thought up and described by me. My island …. - “Island of the madman Boga“ ….

As you remember “TBB“

, at brothers Strugatsky, there is such work - “Difficultly to be God“. I did not read this book, the movie of the same name so completely and did not look, so by fits, with pieces. And as a matter of fact I talk not about contents, and about the name …. And really it turns out how it is DIFFICULT, - to be GOD ….

“Mad Gods“.

Mad Gods live among people, practically without differing in anything from them. And as a matter of fact, they are also the people who only refused an animal component of human life. That is to them the aspiration to some “values“ of human life, it as, let us assume, an eternal pursuit of the escaping purse, or aspiration to “beautiful“ “klubno - bohemian“ is alien to life. They often carry on talk with people on injustice of the world surrounding us, that much declared and really sushchestvuyemy - unwritten laws, standards of behavior, and moral values, are opposite.

Using the modest opportunities, they try though slightly - slightly to change the world in the best, in their opinion, party. Sometimes they manage it, but most often talk remains talk, and life usually, takes its course. We practically also do not notice that the WORLD became a little purer because someone threw out garbage in the place allocated for this purpose, but did not throw habitual gesture an empty pack from cigarettes, from a window of the passing car. We do not notice and that the WORLD became one droplet kinder when the bus driver or the conductor did not charge a fare at the pensioner considering the last kopeks. And in general you never know what we sometimes do not notice ….

Jesus was one of mad Gods also ….