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What it is possible to learn about himself by means of Anuashvili`s method?

at the end of the last century Avtandil Nikolaevich Anuashvili laid the foundation of the method which became very popular in the next years. Improving medicine, the solution of problems of relationship, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy - here several directions in which its method is useful and demanded.

For research of the identity of the person by means of a method Anuashvili the large photo of the person undertakes and by means of the computer program it is divided into two parts - the right and left half. Further the same program completes each half to the whole person and as a result two images appear. One of them is made on the basis of the left half of the face, another - right.

Two images received in such a way bear deep layer of information on the identity of the person who is difficult for receiving without this manipulation.

The portrait constructed of two right halves of a human face is connected with the right hemisphere of a brain. It is called a “spiritual“ portrait and shows all qualities of the person for which responsibly right hemisphere. This creative thinking, intuition, figurative understanding of the world. The portrait from two left halves of the person is called “vital“ and is responsible for logic, mind, a rationale of the person.

The “spiritual“ portrait shows our internal essence, our potential what we are actually. The “vital“ portrait shows how we during this period of life prove in society.

If to get accustomed to these portraits, it is possible to give very deep characteristic of the person. For a start it is necessary to look narrowly, both portraits are how similar. If they are similar, so the person is in rather harmonious state. If differ (and it can sometimes be shown that you see absolutely different people), so there is a deep dissonance of the personality. One part of the personality clashes with another.

On a “vital“ portrait it is possible to see, how strongly the person costs in society what claims at it, how surely he feels whether he is ready to resist obstacles that is not enough for it etc. The level of development of practical thinking, logic is also reflected in this portrait.

The “spiritual“ image gives a lot of information on the internal potential of the personality, its energy. If the image is filled with force and confidence, it means that the owner of this image at desire will be able to reach much in life, to overcome notable obstacles. It is an indicator of the general resource of the person which is reflected both on health, and in career, and in other aspects of life. If on this portrait the fatigue is noticeable, there are symptoms of a stress, lack of vigor - it demonstrates decrease in the general energy potential which can be shown in various problems.

Ideal option of a “spiritual“ portrait. However such people meet very seldom, maybe, one on several hundreds or even thousands. The average person shipped in everyday life with stresses and problems, as a rule, has a problem “spiritual“ portrait.

If to take several pictures during the different periods of human life, then there is an opportunity to track deep internal changes of the identity of the person: what it was in the childhood, in youth, at mature age.

At desire any can pass research on Anuashvili`s method and receive answers to questions which interest him, and also to approach more complete understanding of.