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Natalya Gundareva. How there was our casual meeting?

I was lucky under very unusual circumstances to meet Once Natalya Georgiyevna Gundareva. I worked at that time in Moscow at Osipenko Street, lived in Bezbozhny Lane that connects Mira Avenue at the subway of the same name and Kalanchevskaya Street. And to arrive from work home, I literally squeezed every day into the Garden ring hammered with cars, from the Earth shaft reached to Red gate, and turned towards Kalanchevskaya Square there.

That meeting took place in February, 1983. There was an evening, about a half of the sixth, on the street is absolutely already dark, the small blizzard swept, snow hit directly into a windshield, “janitors“ worked as the mad, street lamps placed on very tall masts hardly punched electric light to a pavement. A usual picture in February, Muscovites are accustomed to it and therefore they behaved quietly and submissively. Cars went not just slowly, and as if cautiously trudged on the widest Moscow street.

I should have turned already to the right, and here I with some difficulties, motorists will understand me, was reconstructed in the most extreme left row from which it was still possible to make this maneuver. Why such difficulties? Yes at turn can simply bring the car on icy asphalt, here I also left there where at the left cars will not appear. Lit up the shooter, allowing the right turn, I stood the first, started and at this moment lateral sight noticed how something huge red was thrown to my car, almost under wheels. A dog, I thought, only some big. It was necessary to brake, the car rose as driven, and here I saw that it was more red the woman in a huge fox fur coat.

It, having run up to me, opened a passenger door and begged:

- Please if you not really hurry, and here I very much hurry, directly I am late … It continued

, something continuously to speak so I was simply forced to interrupt her characteristic dialect:

- Dear Natalya Georgiyevna, even if I where - nibud am late, I will not be able to deny the assistance to the favourite actress.

- Oh, you recognized me, - with pleasure Gundareva said.

Behind with might and main cars hooted, we blocked part of the drive, and drivers nervously pressed and pressed signals of the cars.

- Where it is necessary to bring you? - I asked.

- In theater, I am late for a performance, the car which carries me, for some reason did not come, to wait for spare there is no time, - all this time she tried to go in somehow on a front seat of “Zhiguli“, the fur coat obviously disturbed it.

I sharply turned out a wheel and already went to the forbidding signal down Sadovyi. On my surprise, the stopper resolved, there were a few cars, and we reached Kalininsky Avenue without stops, were fast developed over a tunnel, turned on Vorovskogo Street, is farther on the boulevard towards Arbat Square... And here - that I reflected how to go further, on the Arbat will not pass, it is pedestrian. All next way my passenger ordered, I had to turn only in one, in other party, but here, at last, we stopped - on that side of the street the entrance to the Vakhtangov Theatre was seen.

She something told all road to me: and that work very heavy, but she madly loves it and for any another will never exchange, and how pay for such infernal work a little, in spite of the fact that it receives a rate of the honored actress (she to me sounded this figure, and I internally gasped), adequately it is simply impossible to live on such money, and they together with Dzhigarkhanyan are compelled, simply forced to be engaged “hour“, that is to be wound over the country at those rare moments when are not engaged in performances and do not act in the next movies, and all this to the detriment of own health. Probably, if the road did not come to an end, I would hear still something, apparently, in her soul boiled very much that it also decided to splash out the emotions to the stranger.

At parting she smiled to me the unique smile and told:

- You come to theater to my performances, tell the administrator that you by my invitation, surely say the password, - and she spoke some simple phrase, I long remembered it, and here now memory brought.

Unfortunately, at that time I was very busy, almost all the time saw off in business trips. It is remembered, in November the kadrovichka “congratulated“ me on the fact that I from 52 business trips this year returned, and year - that did not end yet. It is a pity to me now that I could not use this kind invitation. And when free minute was given, was already late. In newspapers reported that Natalya Gundareva was seriously ill, and then and forever abandoned us.

I know that now nothing can be changed, and all talk on what we loved and we continue to love Natalya Georgiyevna, any more nothing is solved, but I hope that she knew it. Perhaps, now she soars over us in heaven there and listens and looks at all that is remembered, spoken, shown about it... And so and I want, maybe, was late, to admit that for me it was and remains the best actress of our cinema, there is nobody who could even stand near it.

Perhaps, she therefore burned down so early that did not play, and got used to each role, and then lived it from beginning to end. Count how many was these women, such different, such unique, and it was necessary, getting out of one appearance, to plunge right there in new and new. How here not to burn down when constantly you do not live, and you burn.