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From where modern pagans undertake?

Political scientists modern paganism are represented as the antistate ideology constructed on religious bases which can be used in mercenary and in political goals. They say that the modern paganism does not bear with itself any culture, and on the contrary, antikulturno. In their opinion, pagans represent not opposition, and revolution - destruction of reality, hated to their mad leaders. shows

of the Practician that all attempts to revive ancient paganism conduct to fascism. We can trace it from recent history of the last century on the example of the third Reich in which the leading elite, having come under influence of the Scandinavian mythology, tried to revive Aryan race. And from more modern cases of the international conflicts on the historian - the religious soil, revival of the caliphate or other ancient “great“ states by conducting military operations.

It occurs when one people begin to stand apart, trying to be allocated and claiming, for example, that they descendants “having stolen“, being primogenitors of all people of the world. And their opponents in the same time declare that they are, in turn, descendants of “ugr“ which as a part of gunnsky hordes in the III-IV centuries put “on ears“ all Europe and reached powerful Rome. And then, as Alexander Blok, Scythians we and the Asians having in themselves blood of all grand conquerors spoke.

Though according to the theory of ethnoses all these people died out long ago or assimilated, leaving in themselves a small amount of representatives of ancient superethnoses. We can create approximate history of the Slavic people from the different data which are contained in compositions of the Byzantine writers, in Herodotus`s compositions and the chronicles referring to the same annals of foreign authors. Yet there is no that history in monumental significant (as at Rome) a state which followers of paganism want to present us.

This history was created on is insignificant the small territory Podneprovya uniting on modern concepts several areas (area) in which related tribes lived. They say that at princes Igor, Svyatoslav and Vladimir the paganism became the state religion of Russia, but what Russia? In territories of the modern city of Kiev, the Kiev district or Kiev region? When the adjoining tribes could have also various interpretation of pagan rites.

Tell about the device of magnificent princely funeral fires or funeral fires ancient rusichy, but at the same time there is no certificate in favor of this talk and any campfire which would prove existence at ancient Slavs of practice of a truposozhzheniye is not revealed. All official history of Russia begins with the prince Igor, but there is no certificate that it was burned after death.

There are even no prerequisites for emergence of a ceremony of cremation in the Slavic people at burial of the dead. And if the Valkyrie Brunnhilde preferred to burn down with the king Siegfried, then this history not from Slavic, and from the Scandinavian mythology. And at the same time we know about Sarmatian and Scythian barrows on which funeral feasts on the died soldiers coped. Also there are historical assumptions that Sarmatians whose tribes adjoined to Scythians could be ancestors of Slavs.

Apologists of paganism claim that the pagan way of knowledge of the world is close to scientific and is based on understanding of laws of the nature and mentality of the person. They claim that the paganism is an outlook, more spiritual, than Christianity. However it not so therefore distortion of reality and substitution of concepts is available. The science cannot be united with religion, these are antagonists and if pagan the practician leads revival to fascism where can get a way of the modern “kosmist“ disappearing behind a mask of paganism?

The scientist in religion - the same evil as the religious fanatic with an atomic bomb because the scientist tries to comprehend and understand “god“ to find methods of impact on it. And in what all this will come to an end, it is unknown. And what is spirituality? Only a few people from among the leading psychiatrists can answer this question from all multi-billion population of our planet.

People all are identical. Each of us has hands, legs, noses and ears, everyone has feelings. Everyone has brains, and everyone has a place in brains where it is possible to put the necessary information which identifies the person, and then by means of this information to influence consciousness of people. It is called zombiing, an obolvanivaniye, hypnotic influence and many other terms.

Paganism traditionally is called the religious outlook of the ancient person living during the pre-Christian period obshchinno - a patrimonial system when each sort or the tribe had pantheons of gods with which local priests worked. In Kiev on the Hem at the time of the prince Vladimir as we know from history, there was a pantheon of gods led by Perun where each pagan god had the function.

Now when we know from the school program about forms of origin of life, about a kingdom of minerals, a kingdom of plants and a kingdom of animals where the person is inseparably linked in a single whole with life of all living beings how it is possible to perceive the outlook of the pagan which was established at the level of understanding of the Old man Hottabycha? How today it is possible to treat the person who talks in a classic language and will claim in all seriousness that this stub (idol) is god Perun who is capable to throw lightnings?

Only the psychiatrist can understand such outlook. And even the accepted ancient names admirers of paganism - Velemir or Dobroslav - sound at all not better, than the names given at the beginning of the last century such as the Tractor or Dazdraperma.

A. Green speaks also about the reasons when parents promote alienation of the children from society: “The case with Menners fixed unclear alienation. Having become full, it caused strong mutual hatred which shadow fell also on Assol. About the sailor said that he somewhere, killed someone and therefore it is unsociable. Playing, children drove Assol if she approached them, were thrown by dirt …, she ceased to be offended, at last, but still sometimes asked the father: “Tell why we are not loved? “ - “E, Assol, - Longren said, - unless they are able to love?.“

the Parents visiting different sects promote development of nonconventional outlook in the children.