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How to prepare fresh-salted red fish? I Have

very good friend, almost the relative, call him Igor. He carried out a considerable piece of the life in the distant seas when he went the mechanic on a mother ship in our well-known in last fishing fleet. Now Igor lives in Finland where he fully satisfies the fishing addictions on numerous lakes and the rivers of this country, without forgetting at the same time that the sea there too is available. He also shared with me one remarkable recipe...

As well as many men forcedly living far from women`s society, Igor is a great culinary specialist, his house specialty is the salmon fresh-salted “on - sea“. From where such name undertook? Yes just if you are in the sea in a long campaign, and some red small fish, her fast was snared, without departing is far from the deck, undress, right there salt, and then for a while place in the cool place - and everything, zakus is ready.

Igor kindly agreed to teach me to knowledge of this salting, having added at the same time that - that he so, almost is able nothing, and here they had a boatswain - a fantasy, so prepared, will lick fingers! Well, I was not familiar with botsmanovsky foods and as Igor prepares, I know well. And now I want to reproduce this idle time before surprise (in the sea - that especially you do not povypendrivatsya!) the recipe - “the red fish salted “on - sea“ .

Ingredients :

Fish red.

table salt, it is desirable a coarse grinding.

Granulated sugar.

Here, generally, and everything that is necessary from products.

Preparation . We clean a carcass of fish, if necessary we clean. Then we cut off the head, a tail and large fins, they still will be useful to us for preparation of fish soup.

The following stage in cutting of fish is removal of ridge and large costal bones. For this purpose we cut fish along ridge, putting one half aside, and here from another we pull out absolutely not necessary to us ridge together with all remains of meat of fish today, they are not necessary so carefully to clear. The ridge is attached to the head and a tail with fins, from it very good gain turns out.

If you do not wish to salt all fish at once - well, it is necessary to trust in the refrigerator and to freeze a half or even moreover and to leave there till the best times. You can tell, of course, that it is not really good to freeze fish, and this is true, but where we have a guarantee that in our shops and in the markets sell a salmon or a trout Norwegian directly from the ocean? Strongly I doubt it, most likely, it is carefully disguised under a steam room, and actually is defrozen.

There came one of the most responsible parts of this most delicate work - actually salting, for this purpose previously add to three parts of salt two parts of sugar and it is carefully mixed. Then we apply this mix on the fleshy fish party, we twist fish in a hard roll, we turn in a crude gauze or a rag. After that we stack fish in suitable by the size, so that she hardly there was located, a vessel with a dense cover with which we cover all this, and if necessary we tie or we stick with an adhesive tape, generally, we do so that the small fish had no place to get to. On the arising question what has to be degree of dampness of a gauze, the answer following. The gauze or a rag should be wetted properly, and to wring out here slightly, but that water from it did not drip. The remained water will play the role in the course of salting of fish.

The vessel with the packed small fish is placed in the refrigerator or other cool place if only did not freeze. Further all according to Ilf with Petrov: in the evening fish is salted and is sent to the refrigerator, it will be possible to eat in the morning, is salted in the morning - it is possible in the evening, well and so on. The main thing that hours 8 - 10 it potomitsya there and was bored for a while, and it is undesirable to keep it in a more than a day imprisonment too, it is better to release from fetters, surplus of salt if it is available, to remove and to cut a small fish.

I will not describe the subsequent your actions, as it is known - each to their own. Well, and that who followed my advice - bon appetit!