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The return dictionary

New opportunities of determination of words in search engines, and desirable perspective algorithms.
Sounds strange, but I will explain. Perhaps, it already where that also exists but I about it do not know. By the way, it is one of the reasons which moved me on writing of this text. I think everyone had it that forgot any word. For example: you should find in Google that the fact that you do not remember, or just forgot the word, but you remember its definition. For example: you remember that in plants there is some pigment of green color, but as it is called, do not know, or forgot. I.e. as if you remember definition from the dictionary, but you do not remember value. Until recently given task was not a reshima. But she think or it is already solved, or it can be made. In principle, from part, the same Google with it can will cope, there are even special websites - here for example ru / - there is a search in a mask. The most ridiculous is the fact that so far I wrote these lines and looked for an example in Google, found the answer to this question (the above-stated website). In principle, on it it would be possible will stop. But it is interesting whether there are still similar services with more expanded opportunities - which can replace words with synonyms? Let`s say I forgot the word are cancerogenic - but I remember that it the substances causing cancer. And here I import the phrase searching on a mask - “the substances causing cancer“ - but it to me is admissible not what will not find since perhaps in the dictionary to carcinogens value definition “the chemical compounds causing a tumor“ is characteristic - - therefore it would be good if was searching the algorithm of synonyms participated, i.e. it was checked whether the combination of similar words to similar synonyms is possible (tumors and cancer, substances and connections). From part these synonymic replacements are already used, the possibility of replacement with synonyms of words at the time of online translation in Google is a typical example of such replacements. But among themselves I did not meet communication of the found synonyms.
Now main issue. Why all this is necessary?
But first: as I already wrote for search of some unique words. And these words are already necessary not in order that before someone to flash erudition, and instead of “the substances causing cancer“ to write “carcinogens“. These words are very necessary by the same search in Google. Since for example: at the request of “the substances causing cancer“ you receive result which will satisfy the average housewife. And here on demand carcinogens you can receive absolutely other results. Though of course further the given algorithm can be included in search of Google. And on inquiry “the substances causing cancer“ you receive results in which the phrase as well as “the substances causing cancer“ and “carcinogens“ meets. Smoothly we approach the second use of these technologies.
Secondly: having created similar algorithms, and perhaps and having expanded them (the statistical analysis of occurrence of words with each other, their values and proximity of meanings) we will be selected to sacred the Saint - to understanding by cars of the person. And that, alas, I apologize for the rough and discouraging analogy - “the person as a dog - eyes clever, all knows, all understands, and he wants to explain to a search engine of what from it - cannot“. But it not that we silly but because search engines are still too determined. But creations of these algorithms will give them the chance to understand us, even in case we what that specifically cannot explain. By the way, it is already partially realized in the searcher of Google when you enter the word not correctly he suggests to correct it. And (where I heard that) in Google the individual approach is realized. I.e. if you were registered it analyzes your inquiries, we will allow you 10 times entered the word “car“, and then entered the word “guelder-rose“, he any more to you will not look for “a guelder-rose - berry“, and will look for “a guelder-rose - the car“. But correctly works for how many it and as precisely - I do not know … These algorithms can be included not only in online searchers. There is almost only unique program Lingva (conceived as the translator) - of course except it there are also other dictionaries, but I will not list all its advantages now, I will stop only on indexing of the added dictionaries that too sometimes happens it is quite useful. Here on a row with other it would be possible to add to it also the above described algorithms. Though I am sure that for a long time developments in this direction are conducted. But in what the problem, complexity and why they are widely not introduced in masses - for me remains a riddle so far …