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Marathons on weight reduction - whether are in it sense?

In my opinion, it is simply remarkable that everyone who wants to pay at last attention to the health, to health and formats of the body has now an opportunity to come to a world network and to be connected - without leaving the house - to group of “vesonablyudatel“ or still what healthy marathoners.

But here that I observe in dynamics of such communities. Everything begins with big inflow of enthusiasm. “Together more cheerfully!“, “Let`s each other encourage!“, “Company in distress makes trouble less“ - it, seemingly, slightly brought me from a subject aside … But the truth, the group movements collect energy in a small group, and the small group can already push sometimes and to support …

But here where and how to push and in what to support?

First of all, in the such movements reference points of quantitative control are set. How your weight changes? Your volumes? How many grams, how many calories what food you ate? Also tables of daily additional weights - plumbs are got … And here participants joyfully report about “plumbs“ and with shame - about “plateaus“ and additional weights“.

But maybe, it is important to consider also other parameters, other characteristics of vital and corporal contexts in such actions?

For example to remember that the person - an essence live matter. And all Live Matter pulses - arriving and decreasing depending on planetary, solar, lunar rhythms. Depending on a menstrual cycle. From seasons of year. From change of day and night. From magnetic any and atmospheric fluctuations.

Moreover we constantly communicate, in different degree of an emotional inclusiveness and density - with a large number of near and far people. If, for example, the child was unwell or with mother swore, or the chief refused increase again, or the husband inclined to cohabitation and it was in a high - all this changes, excites, forms our emotional background. Changes our mental, so, and corporal energy.

And if your purpose the truth “on - to greet“ the body - having facilitated it, having caressed, then, likely, it is the best of all to begin again - with training of the sensitivity. To its - to a chuvstviye, his appetite - as to desire , to its hunger - as to requirement in proteins - fats - carbohydrates.

And when you enter the weight in the plate and you write about the food today - very much and it is very important to look at an events background. On the inflow and otliva - in mood, in events and them on you influence.

Perhaps, to begin the day with cheerful - or sad, but precisely fascinating - search of “a metaphor of morning“? There now what image reflects your mood now? The boiled-away teapot? Cheerful, naughty morning birdie? A poodle - the prize-winner with a fashionable hairstyle or the sad, elderly boxer dozing on the laying in an anticipation what the owner will leave for work, and he will get over on his feather-bed and thoroughly will roll about on “soft“?

And then already and to be defined - and that from such metaphor there is a wish to eat that-?

And a body here to move and if today - in any way, what, at once and to shame? Or to sympathize, stroke itself, to agree that “wore out opposite!!!“

Support in what now you endure as well as what you resist now to - what you now. That yes, and such you quite for - and others - pertinent … And “the weight plateau“ is yes, about reality of yours “today“, about a stop in planned, but here to consider it as a phenomenon of all field of your life. Without feeling that “you are guilty of everything!“. It smells slightly of megalomania, the truth … is still important

I here what to tell. When the truth you choose to yourself - with very and very fine purposes and motives - restrictive food behavior, you lose the easiest and most available way of to support - to console - to entertain. Yes, consciously you deprive. And of course, the first week of euphoria of “collective aspiration“ to “a new, fine form“ will be replaced for week of despondency, melancholy, deficiency tasty. And in fact - deficiency of encouragement, strokings. Habitual, it is not enough - healthy, but such native, … It as slippers the darlings, warm, crushed in which “legs sleep“ to replace on 10 - centimetric hairpins and to clink on them round the clock, and then to be surprised - what it is so legs - that hoot and groan?!

You are, consciously, you choose yourself to stressirovat. But if you impoverish a body and soul habitual food support, as if to itself to look for other forms of to caress - to encourage - to support? And first of all corporal. The food excites and feeds us obonyatelno, visually, vkusovo, sensually. It fills us. What what feelings can support us in intended food restriction? For whom that …

to Someone to move, to someone to bathe. To one and all is it is warm more. Soft, nice on the touch fabrics, lukewarm socks, cosiness of a hot bathtub or shower.

Aromas of vanilla, aromas of cinnamon, grapefruit, anise, camomile.

It is obligatory to agree with relatives. That they during the diet periods embraced you more - ironed - sang lullabies, sex and the tenderness indulged.

Well and emotional food, of course. Write letters, hang out with friends - only far away from “åäàëåí“, indulge the esthetic appetites something “tasty“ as a hobby. Gossip, discuss, criticize, laugh, swear, you are with pleasure reconciled, again swear …

It is good to occupy hands with something - puzzles everyones, to embroider, knit, still something “small - motor“ to entertain itself. Yes, to collect collages is just a festival of soul! For example: “My darlings …“ And here - everything that it is necessary for soul.

Dietary recipes. Well.

But here when the marathon to symmetry is based only on digital - heartless, ruthless approach to the movements of sincere “fronts and the atmospheres“, on it it is more difficult to keep, than on a razor edge …