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For whom you grow thin?

dream to Find a good figure many. But why sometimes when the first results are already achieved, the fuse suddenly vanishes? For whom you grow thin?

“Decided to grow thin to make pleasant to the husband. In a month dumped six kilograms, became much better to look - and the husband of it even did not notice. Hands fall, to grow thin there are more neither forces, nor desire …“

One of the main issues which it is worth answering if you decided to be engaged in correction of a figure, - for the sake of whom you are going to do it? And it is very good if the answer sounds: for the sake of.

Women often devote weight reduction to someone from relatives. It is optional the husband. Begin many are more slender want that children - school students supposedly mother at them not worse were proud of them, than at others. Or young girls - to look good against girlfriends. Such motivation can yield fast result at the first stages, but alas, for a long time it does not last.

Symmetry demands efforts, means refusal of something that is pleasant to you and what you got used to. In many cases it is perceived by the woman as deprivations which need to be transferred to deserve a praise. If you devote the actions not to yourself, but someone (proximity degree, in fact, is not so important), you unconsciously transfer part of responsibility to this person. It turns out that he has to estimate all your efforts, encourage you, admire result which you achieved. In fact, you take these or those steps for the sake of his praise. However it is important to understand: any person will not be able to devote himself only to you, he has, not connected with you (or, at least, with your weight loss) tasks in life therefore sooner or later its attention to your achievements will grow cold.

The good result gives only aspiration to become harmonous “for itself“. And I would recommend to begin to lose weight even not to become more beautiful. Beauty is an external concept, it has to be confirmed from the outside. Take care of the own life in order that it is better to feel in the body to feel it as harmonious, suitable for you. Then efforts will be perceived as more comfortable.

If you break from diets - means, you have a trouble with will power?!

“Very much I want to grow thin, but something in me constantly resists. I will achieve small result and I start over again eating for three, all the time I break. Probably, I have no will power at all …“

Many consider that will power - the main thing that is necessary for symmetry finding. However often put not in it at all. The will, that is conscious part of our mentality, is very important in decision-making and following to it. But any person has also Unconscious, aspirations and rushes hidden from the understanding.

Happens so that the consciousness wants to grow thin, and the internal, unconscious part resists it because completeness is necessary for the person for satisfaction of basic requirements, in safety, for example. By means of excess fat we - at today`s standards of female appeal - are often protected from excessive attention to us an opposite sex. Or we mask own complexes.

Very often excess weight stops us in risks to make spontaneous decisions - to try new behavior. The woman thinks: I could do everything, be I harmonous, I in a different way would communicate with young people, bigger would achieve at work … Actually she just is afraid to show though what initiative, and excess weight protects it from fear to fail in the undertakings. And even if mind she wants to grow thin, all the same fears are stronger than “good intentions“. Therefore before “storming“ the extra kilos, can try to understand the feelings, feelings, thoughts under the influence of which the body gained excess weight.

That to make it, find time, retire, close eyes and present: here you - full - enter on a party. How you look? How people around react to you? Whom you approach to talk? Whether you approach in general? What place for you is more comfortable? Try not just to think up answers, and to plunge into a situation, to experience it all over. Open eyes, again close and present that the same party, only you now harmonous. After that divide a leaf into two half: “I full“ and “I harmonous“ - also write down all your feelings. It not only will help you to understand what psychological problems do not allow kilograms to leave, but also will allow not to lose further a reference point.

And it is still very important to remember that excess weight can signal to us about malfunctions with our health. Therefore before looking for psychological roots of the aggressive appetite and corporal “surpluses“, it is good to descend to the doctor and to be checked that now, during this period of life happens to your body at the somatic level.