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How there live heavenly angels or What to be a stewardess? As I wrote part 2

in the first part of article, my friend Natalya who worked several years the steward in the Transaero company, told me about subtleties of this profession.

- There were flights when you arrived to some resort and there remained for a week?

- This work gives the excellent chance to see the world. If you at heart the romantic and the adventurer with thirst of knowledge of all new, you cannot sit in one place.

The coolest - relays when you arrive to some hot country and you remain there for about five days, and even for two weeks. And the crew which arrived to you departs home. During relay you enjoy life on vacation, all are divided by interests, and everyone spends time in the pleasure - and how after that not to love the work?

But when your relays several times a month and all winter practically you spend not at home, and to Moscow you arrive per day, and then again to other country, in other season, with a difference in time zones, with other tenor of life, under this scorching sun, you understand at once how cool to be at home, simply to have a good time, go out with the friends.

- Tell about your relations with crew. Especially, of course, with pilots - there were novels? (And sex in air?)

- the Relations in crew very good - all one team. Stewards all young people, the contingent till 35 years, crew reigns in all spirit of Platonic love. Young people are generally gays. It is a lot of married couples which fly sometimes one flights. At night, when flight long, we play cards on desires: to approach the passenger and to play a trick on him.

Affairs and sex with pilots personally at me were not. And here passengers, generally drunk, try at night when lighting dies away, at the end of salon to have sex. And in toilets it is rather dirty therefore very few people try.

- Passengers made advances to you, tried to get acquainted? There were novels which began with acquaintance at work in air?

- With stewardesses, and with me including, try to get acquainted very often. In my opinion, worthy candidates were not and, respectively, novels too.

- It is terrible to fly? There were dangerous situations?

- Personally to me it was not terrible to b to fly. Behind work you do not think of danger, there is a wish to execute fundamental obligations rather: to seat, fasten, feed passengers and other.

I do not even know that to call dangerous situations. Jolting from - for air holes is a commonplace. Of course, happened frightening, but you should not show the fear because passengers very sensitively react to it and begin to panic and be nervous even more, some demand to let out them from the plane.

The most dangerous case, in my opinion, happened to me on Sakhalin at take-off. Pilots forgot to give the command “about take-off“, and I fastened the child at the beginning of salon at this time, the plane began to disperse, come off from vzlyotno - a landing strip, and gravity sharply rejected me back in the end of salon. Well, near one passenger there was a free chair, I in it “landed“ - the passenger was horrified by what occurred.

One more case occurred on flight Moscow-Tel - Abibus. The plane urgently landed in Simferopol from - for the fact that there was a freezing of a wing of the plane and fuel did not come to one of engines. Passengers at first were horrified that landed it is unknown where, and next day even did not want to depart - all made friends, and so it was pleasant to them there.

In Anadyr, for example, it is almost not visible vzlyotno - a landing strip from - for snow therefore each take off and landing - an extreme. On Kamchatka or from - for bad weather conditions some crews on a month and can stay in the same Anadyr more there, expecting take-off weather, at the same time employers not always care for their food, and products not cheap there.

- And the ridiculous situations connected with passengers or with crew, often happen?

- during flight many people behave inadequately, I do not know what it to explain: there is not enough oxygen, the low pressure, harmful effect of alcohol or still something similar.

The ridiculous case was: drained in the passenger in a toilet in a toilet bowl (on the plane there are two types of toilet bowls - one wash away water, and others by power of vacuum).

Or here one more: one passenger mixed an exit door with a door in a toilet, tried to open it, well the door is hermetically closed and in air does not open.

During one flight one of passengers wanted to get to a cabin of pilots as with something it was dissatisfied. And we went by the double-deck Boeing plane - 747, on it the cabin of flight crew is located on a main deck, and he did not know it and ran in nasal part of the plane where on its representation there are pilots, and there instead of a cabin there is a case - when it opened it, it was shocked - there was nobody.

One passenger flew to Kiev, and the summer there from Moscow has some, so he complained that he did not manage to eat everything: “Only flew up and we already land“.

Very amusing case happened to me in Bangkok. I sent the form to the cleaner`s and when came to take away it in day of a departure, it turned out that it cannot be found - so I without form and departed, but during flight passengers did not perceive me as the stewardess and did not stick with questions.

- Why you left a profession?

- I because did not see further prospects for growth Left: in respect of increase it is possible to become the senior steward (the salary slightly higher, and is more than duties), and years through … to tsat - the instructor. Besides was time for itself very little and private life, I flew almost every day (from - for shortages of shots) - and it very much exhausts, passengers - all people different and not always adequately behaving. From - for it the health is affected.

The plane is the closed space, will not leave anywhere until it lands in the destination. Passengers there are sometimes about 500 people, from them and their questions not to disappear. And questions sometimes such silly: “Where there is a toilet? Where we fly by now? What time difference with Moscow? Whether all with plane as it should be? Why such strong jolting?“

- And why you decided to return for work to the airport?

- the Joke: two acquaintances at the airport, one of them - the working pilot, and another - the former pilot meet, carries carts with baggage. The pilot tells:

- I have all super, fly the international flights, a salary big, and you as?
- Yes everything got me, here, see, than I am engaged!
- Then leave.
- never to Leave aircraft -!

As I already spoke, the aircraft is a way of life, everything that is connected with it, is very close to me on spirit therefore I decided what work in Domodedovo is that it is necessary to me!

Illustration: PavleMarjanovic/Shutterstock. com