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Why zeolites are necessary?

Having created a human body, the nature took care of its perfection, having allocated with reason and having placed at service to us the cogitative device allowing to find the necessary options for the existence. In the Nature everything is balanced and interconnected therefore having created toxic agents or radiant energy, the Nature created also their antagonists.

Zeolites - the hydrated aluminosilicates of alkaline chemical elements which are known since the 18th century also belong to their number. These are minerals which fill emptiness and cracks in rocks of a volcanic origin and are result of leaching of the silicates consisting in these breeds. Often they meet in emptiness of volcanic breeds, is more rare in granites or gneisses, is even more rare in clay slates.

The value of this mineral is that zeolite is an irreplaceable sorbent of toxic substances. It as a sponge absorbs in itself(himself) harmful substances and holds rather long time. For these purposes zeolites split up to a fine-grained crumb.

As it often happens, the first discovery of properties of zeolite is noted in fauna. Regulation of a fatty exchange in an organism happens under the direction of the central nervous system. The main stimulator of emission of fat-burning hormones is the stress, and strong impact on a fatty exchange is exerted by emotions under the influence of which the substances which are making active or slowing down a fatty metabolism in an organism come to blood.

During rutting males of hoofed animals are aggressive, they eat nothing, and the organism receives them food due to internal fatty accumulation. For possession of a female males of animals in rage enter deadly fights with the relatives, this fight is won by the strongest male who gets the first prize.

Stressful reaction represents a number of consecutive changes when the strengthened portion of adrenaline comes to an organism of an animal. Activization of sympathetic nervous system of an animal sharply stimulates okislitelno - the recovery reactions which are characterized by disintegration of reserves of carbohydrates and utilization of fats with release of nitrates.

Nitrates - salts of HNO 3 nitric acid which are products of an exchange of nitrogenous substances of any live organism, for example, vegetable or animal. Danger of nitrates consists in their consumption in the increased quantities when nitrates in a digestive tract are partially restored to nitrites which at receipt in blood can form N - the nitrosamines possessing cancerogenic activity.

To get rid of nitrates and other harmful substances, the animal also eats the earth containing zeolites which, incorporating harmful substances, bring them out of an organism. For the same purpose ate the clay and the different people living in the territory of Siberia. It was necessary for a survival because severe climatic conditions did not allow to have fresh food.

Yakuts, Evenks, Nanais and other Siberian tribes ate a lot of fat (whale, seal) which they prepared and preserved in the primitive ways. Then, eating this fat, dried and air-dried meat and fish within a year, people were forced to add to the diet the clay containing zeolites not to get poisoned and bring products of disintegration of pro-rancid and rotten food out of an organism.

Ion-exchange capacity of zeolites - one of the key parameters characterizing their sorption and technological properties. The system of cavities which penetrated crystals of zeolites possesses well developed internal surface, and it allows zeolites to occlude nitrates and other substances selectively.

Violation of a fatty exchange in an organism can be caused as well by radiation sickness. At impact on an organism of the ionizing radiation synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol is stimulated. Changes of a fatty exchange in a liver after its reaction to radiation, as a rule, are resulted not by(with) mobilization of fat from peripheral fatty depots, and strengthening of its biosynthesis in the liver.

A large amount of fat in cells of a liver says that the liver reacts to different diseases and toxic influences when the speed of formation of fats in it exceeds the speed of their utilization. Increase of mobilization of fatty acids makes them most available a power source and the liver does not cope with the mode of the compelled work.

My companion studying properties of zeolites left to Chernobyl after the explosion of a nuclear reactor which happened there. There he made experiences with the animals who got radiation on cleaning with zeolites of production of meat and dairy branch of agriculture of products of nuclear disintegration. In the same place he was influenced by a possibility of use of zeolites for removal from a human body of radioactive elements. Now these techniques are used at treatment of radiation sickness.

Today zeolites are known everywhere, they are applied to purification of drinking water on water intakes, by purifications of gases and sewage, sorptions of toxic substances and radionuclides. The nature created radiation - the terrible enemy of all live, she created also mechanisms of protection against a meeting with this phenomenon.