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Who voluntarily refused the power?

according to Aleksandra from the movie “Moscow Does Not Trust Tears“, all can be a head not, but all want. Too it seemed to me that voluntary refusal of the power - very big rarity. Whether so it? Let`s look in a chronological order.

Emperor and … louses

L. K. Sula (138-78 to RH), the Roman lifelong dictator. In January of the 79th year to RH renounced the power. Its act was for Romans the same surprise, as for us Yeltsin`s act. Especially as Sula resigned of the dictator who was within 10 years and could remain further. After that, on a legend, it showed a rare illness. As Plutarch specifies, “all his flesh decayed, having turned into louses, and though they were gathered day and night … all - was possible to remove only insignificant part of again appearing. It was impossible to cope with regeneration from - for its speed, and the darkness of insects did vain all means and efforts“. It does not happen, of course, but it is unknown that happened to it actually.

the Emperor and cabbage

Diokletian (243 - between 313 and 316), the Roman emperor. In 305 refused the power and retired to the city to Salon in Dalmatia. He refused attempt to convince him to come back again to the power, having noticed that if they saw what cabbage which he put then they would not begin to stick another time to it with the offers.

Emperor and sin of patricide

Alexander I (1777-1825, officially), Russian emperor. There is a hypothesis that he dramatized the death in Taganrog, and itself disappeared in open spaces of immense Siberia under a name of the aged man Fedor Kuzmich to pray for forgiveness murder of the father, Paul I. The legend strongly became history of Russia.

Emperor and people

Nicholas II (1868-1918), Emperor Vserossiysky, Tsar Polish and Grand Duke Finnish. On March 2, 1917 formally voluntarily abdicated in favor of the Grand Duke Mikhail Aleksandrovich.

King and love

Edward VIII (1894-1972), king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In 1936 abdicated to marry with divorced U. Simpson what the government of Great Britain did not agree to. He declared: “I found impossible … to fulfill the king`s duties without the help and support of the woman which I love“. ( Wikipedia )

President and people

A. Pinochet (1915-2006), president of Chile. By force came to the power by revolution of 1973, but gave the power voluntarily on March 11, 1990.

President and impeachment

P. Musharraf (1943-...) president of Pakistan. On August 18, 2008 voluntarily retired in connection with impeachment procedure threat which was appointed to this day.

the President and the successor - the security guard

B. N. Yeltsin (1931-2007), the first president of Russia. On December 31, 1999 ahead of schedule stopped the powers in favor of V. V. Putin who guaranteed him an incompetence. In the same day V. V. Putin signed the first decree as the acting president about lifelong inviolability B. N. Yeltsin and conditions of his life and protection.

Generally, not such unusual occurrence as it seemed. I will give the example. Not the emperor, of course, but nevertheless. In 2006 having served five-year term as the head of the department of higher education institution (a position “grain“), did not begin to file documents for the second term and left at own will in 57 years, even without having finished to pension. The reason is simple - disagreement with reform of the higher school under the name “Bologna Process“.