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Why people and animals eat the earth?

About “litofagiya“ - kamneedeniya - reported different researchers, describing life of the different tribes and the people eating clay. Civilized people do not eat the earth, but sometimes it happens to be done to some women during pregnancy and to children. What for? They also cannot even explain - the instinct forces to compensate thus the chemicals lacking an organism.

Clay is eaten everywhere since ancient times and for various reasons. One - not to starve to death, others - to cure some chronic diseases which are available for them. Clay is used in food by residents of Guinea and inhabitants of the Antilles. Clay is eaten in Java and in India, it is eaten in Iran and in Germany, it is eaten by Arabs and Russians. In traditions of different medical systems there is a mass of recipes on the use of different clays and dirt in the medical purposes.

There is historical information that people were compelled during wars and natural cataclysms to eat clay on the basis of sapropels, and saved themselves it from starvation. But here that forces people is this clay, voluntarily neglecting all existing norms of esthetic and high-quality food? Natives of Africa and America eat dirt from certain bogs nearly with spoons, Evenks eat clay, parting it with cervine milk.

Scientists described the numerous facts of consumption by the native population of minerals of a clay origin as medicines some of which are in reference books of traditional medicine. For example, it is noted that after oxygen the most widespread element on Earth is silicon. Deficiency of silicon in a human body causes decrease in resilience of an organism to different diseases.

The lack of silicon conducts to a hair loss, a softening, fragility of bones, emergence of stones in kidneys and a liver. It influences flexibility of a periosteum, sinews, cartilages, vessels. At diseases of joints, fractures of bones it is necessary to care for enough in food of silicon. And for the best accretion of bones recommend to eat bread with bran and other food which contain the increased content of silicon.

Earlier silicon got to a human body in the natural way when the person went without footwear and directly contacted to the soil and minerals containing silicon. With improvement of social living conditions of the person of such contacts with the nature becomes less and less.

Other reason of eating by the native population of clay is that clay soils often contain in the structure such minerals as zeolites which are capable to bring harmful substances out of an organism.

Minerals in food are used not only by people. Stones are swallowed, as we know, by many birds, fishes, animals. It is established that on solonetzic soils animals consume not only the salt which is in the earth but also the soil. Many hunters, for example, noticed that during rutting meat of a deer or other “animal“ tasteless. During this period the male eats nothing though he spends a lot of energy at the expense of the fatty stocks.

When splitting fat harmful nitrogenous substances which poison an animal organism are emitted, and it, eating the earth, brings these harmful substances out of the organism. Active part in a fatty exchange is taken by a liver where fats are oxidized with formation of the energy necessary for activity of an organism.

In Russia the northern part of Siberia is a little adapted for human life. For example, Yakutia or Chukotka which territory is behind a polar circle. The earth is held down by permafrost here, and the Chukchi and Eskimos living here traditionally were engaged only in hunting for a sea animal. They put out to sea on baydara - the boats fitted by morzhovy skin and found whales on fountains of water which whales with noise throw up, emerging on a surface for breath.

Having found, hunters pursue a whale and when the next time he comes up on a surface, try to stick into him a harpoon with the buoy attached to it which is specifying location of the victim and not allowing it to plunge into depth. Then the whale is finished and transport multiton hulk to the coast where all settlement pull out on the coast where there is a cutting of the sea giant.

The most valuable in whale hulk is a meat and skin which with a thin layer of fat is eaten crude. Whale meat possesses a smell specific and stronger, than meat of other animals, but, despite a strong smell, meat of whales is eaten. The reason of intensity of this smell and special taste of whale meat researchers explain with disintegration of an organic basis, regeneration of fat which has the same nature, as fat of the majority of animals.

Fats - irreplaceable food at the northern people. They improve taste of food and cause long feeling of saturation as are digested and soaked up more slowly than other feedstuffs. The amount of fat in a diet of the northerner is defined by intensity of work, climatic features, age of the person. The person occupied with intensive physical work needs more high-calorie food, and bigger amount of fats.

Travelers noted that “the Yakut food cooked from the spoiled products is just impossible for the use, and the stomach which did not get used to such food which is not able to digest“. One of the major tasks which the modern person faces - how to clear the organism of the slags and poisons which collected “thanks to“ low-quality daily food.

The climatic conditions of the North demanding big expense of thermal energy cause increase in need for fats. And the more energy it is spent by an organism, the bigger amount of fat is necessary for its completion. Respectively, compensation of harmful effects of a large amount of fats on a human body requires a certain amount of clay.