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VAZ “Largus“. Why the new VAZ car is called “Generous“?

VAZ Lada in consciousness of most of our Russian compatriots and the car - that is not. “Wons, still go by Ladas though there are they almost like normal cars“, - write on the Internet - forums. Here is not present

! There are already also VAZ very worthy machines. Lada Largus (Lada Largus), for example.

The first time met this machine in the fall 2012 - go. There was an end of October, however evening was given so wonderful and solar that there was a wish to have a rest outdoors. Traffic jams already almost resolved, and we went with my friend Seryoga on his dzhipak somewhere to the country.

In the narrow lane to the right of us there was a car with the charming blonde driving. The car it was visible not, only a cowl and windshields. Seryoga gallantly stopped the “shed on wheels“, blinked headlights: “Pass, Ms.“. And here something huge began to creep out of the lane slowly and an unclear form. Then, having attached in a tail, Seryoga with astonishment exclaimed: “Yes it VAZ, watch!“ - also read aloud the inscription “Largus“. By the way, such beautiful zolotisto - yellow color then by VAZ cars I did not see. In general. Special order, probably.

I was interested in this car for a long time. In absentia. And in absentia it very much is pleasant to me. Big. Universal. At least seven big carry though freight, oversized for the passenger car.

It is made on the basis of the B0 platform, the same, as latest renovsky “jeep“ Renault Duster, Renault Logan sedan, the Renault Logan MCV station wagon (for the European market - Dacia Logan MCV).

Very attractive price for such huge car - from 319 thousand rubles. Really cars gather so far (for December, 2012) only in the most expensive complete set - “luxury“, and the price of this modification is from 420 thousand. In the fullest complete set the price approaches 600 thousand that not absolutely “a zer is gutnut“.

While Lada Largus collect from import accessories, therefore, reliability of details has to be on the ball. “Kosyachka“ are known too, to Renault Logan MCV which clone was Largus, is issued already rather long ago. Pleases also the fact that this car how and when - Fiat 124 (a prototype VAZ - 2101, called in the people “kopek“), adapted to the Russian conditions, significantly having strengthened, for example, levers of a forward suspension bracket. Holes at us, you understand … Everywhere …

Well, and and for severe Russian conditions added a heating system of salon, purification of back glass and system of air ducts for the second and third row of seats to the basic Logan MCV model. And considering “purity“ of our roads, the washer reservoir of a windshield is increased with three to five liters, and bearings in naves of wheels are protected from dirt hit by special screens. Anticorrosive and anti-gravel protection is strengthened. And the fact that for assembly of renovsky and nissanovsky models in the territory of AvtoVAZ almost new plant where collect Largus now is constructed cannot but please too …

I - yes is the first seven-seater car produced in Russia in lots.

And here I got into this car. Not for a wheel, the passenger. Called a taxi, “it“ arrived. And between times took an interest at a vodila as feelings from the car. “Well what I can tell … Kosyachkov is a lot of, but all small. Painting is uneven, elastic bands fly away. But at the same time … The seat is convenient. The money the car costs. You go all day, you are not tired not that on Logan or Nexia by which went before. Even in a hard frost in the car warmly. The luggage carrier opens conveniently, it is possible to open one half. And it is possible to load anything. Washing machine, TV the biggest … It was possible to make clearance higher, now the winter, for snow hillocks on the road a paunch clings. The motor 16 - valvate pulls the empty car surely, but much did not load yet, I go generally with one - two passengers“.

“Largus“ in translation from Latin, by the way, means “Generous“. On the volume of internal space this characteristic approaches on all hundred! The car seems just huge from within! And unusual. For example, in what else passenger car there is a subceiling shelf for any trifles over the second row of seats? Huge number of boxes and pockets. Back sitting develop, forming the huge sizes a luggage carrier. The producer claims: options can be added a huge number, from almost “empty“ car without power steering, safety cushions and AVS to the average “Japanese“ “stuffed“ not worse... And, no, fig! The automatic transmission is not provided in the principle, only the VAZ five-step box.

And still “byudzhetnost“ has an effect. Outside the machine even more - less, and here inside … In total here somehow … I do not even know how to tell … it is impregnated with spirit of the most severe economy. Utilitarianly everything, designers, probably, also did not think of any “highlights“. And any acoustic protection: both sounds of the working motor, and all “outboard“ noise are heard.

Well, and finally. Despite everything, “generous VAZ“ already went “to the people“. Especially much in our city appeared Largusov - a taxi, the car - that universal.

And here still message quite official. “On new Lada of turn lasted for 6 months. In spite of the fact that officially sales of the new Lada Largus station wagon started in July of this year, “AvtoVAZ“ still cannot adjust release of this model in necessary volume“ (from news of RBC 06. 12. 2012).

Well, and about personal. I now “horseless“. Of course, it is convenient to use the leased car, the car faces in due time an entrance, washed, filled, with the polite scented driver. But nevertheless it is expensive and there is a wish most to drive... And VAZ Largus - one of the first applicants for fast purchase.