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What rules of communication by phone exist?

As are correct to communicate by phone? What needs to be spoken? What is the time it is possible to speak? What basic rules should be followed? What phrases cannot be spoken by phone?

Communication of any type is based on psychology. Ethics of business communication distinguish two types of subjects of communication, namely: communicator and recipient. The communicator tells the recipient - the listener information of which it tries to inform.

Highlights which interlocutors have to remember is a politeness, tolerance, conversation time, importance is ringing, conversation type (business, informal, friendly), a voice tonality, feeling of conversation. The feeling of conversation is very important as with the person who has a bad mood or some personal crucial issues, not easy to construct constructive conversation.

Phone became the integral subject of life of each person, we wake up and go to bed with phone calls, we resolve the most grandiose issues by phone, many earn money, communicating by phone (for example, call - operators). At the same time the question of ethics of business communication remains very actual to this day.

Before making a call, answer yourself three questions:
- whether your call is really important;
- whether you assume that the recipient will answer;
- whether it is possible to meet, but not to call.

General rules of a phone conversation:
- do not do in parallel any things during conversation (do not chew, you do not smoke, do not look for anything);
- do not apologize for time spent on you;
- is on weekdays unethical to ring before 8 hours, the weekend - before 10 o`clock in the morning, conversation should not last more than 30 minutes; - smile to
, speaking by phone.

Each person living in socially - legal society has to follow the standard rules of communication. Laws and rules are borders of our field of activity which define success. Let`s conditionally divide rules of communication by telephone into rules for calling and for receiving a call.

of the Rule of communication by phone for a communicator:

- write yourself the plan of conversation (the main questions, dates of meetings, etc.) ; - it be presented to
, for example: “Hello, you Ivanov disturbs“;
- surely ask whether it is convenient to interlocutor to communicate with you now;
- to unfamiliar address only on formal terms;
- never begin conversation with the phrase “Who is it?“;
- never criticize and do not abuse;
- at the end of conversation formulate the summary;
- a phone conversation should not exceed 15 minutes;
- on the weekend do not disturb colleagues concerning work;
- stop conversation ahead of schedule at a bad connection.

of the Rule of communication by phone for the recipient:

- briefly comment on the main thoughts of a communicator, namely: specify, lead;
- should not interrupt the interlocutor;
- answer accurately the questions posed;
- never accuse for the missed call;
- always answer correctly in an official style.

Telephone conversation differs from usual in many nuances. If you speak by the mobile phone on the street, hold a distance more than three meters from people who at this moment talk too. You remember Paretto`s rule - 80% of efficiency give 20% of conversation.

I wish you success!