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Literary wanderer. What to esteem about love?

to learn depth of such feeling as the love, is not always enough to fall in love with somebody, to stop loving and wait when the love comes again. Modern psychologists write much and speak about love, it is easy to speak about love, as about detached feeling. But there is always a wish bigger, the beautiful stories about love which happened to specific people.

Reading the book full of romanticism and pure feelings, we live together with heroes their life. Having read it, we analyze the relations, we study on others mistakes.

When I re-read Candace Bushnell book “Sex and the City“ , I had a question: about what it? It is the frank, ironic, thin, spicy and not moralizing novel about modern women. They fall in love and leave, admire and are disappointed and at the same time share with each other the thoughts with that maximum degree of frankness which can be afforded only with close girlfriends. They have no taboo subjects or secrets from each other as, however, and from readers.

Though the novel is written for a long time, but also later so many time it did not lose the relevance. Many girls recognize themselves in main characters, laugh and cry, but continue eternal searches of the ideal man of the dream.

In the modern world the Internet exerts impact on mankind more and more, a huge number of people get acquainted on the Internet. Well or badly, unambiguously it is difficult to tell it. Most of people on the Internet make of acquaintances very light, thinking that there you will not meet true love.

In Igor Sakhnovsky`s book “The illegal story about love“ the main characters got acquainted in a chat. For the sake of chatter, flirtation, mutual posing, instant sympathies and compound offenses, washing up of bones and verbose substitutes of sex. For the sake of a dense rumble of the ephemeral voices writing on the monitor screen - from top to down, as the infinite play of hungry samolyubiya and grammatical mistakes, and for the sake of one - a desired voice which too, most likely, alive will be never heard.

Very thin, graceful and witty story about the relations of the man and woman. The man`s view of the relations, feelings, love and experiences allows to look that it does not lie on a surface in a different way.

Janusz Vishnevsky book “Loneliness in the Network“ will be interesting to those who met the love on Internet open spaces once .

“From everything that is eternal, the shortest term at love“ - such is a keynote of this European best-seller. Heroes of the novel communicate in the Internet - chats, exchange the erotic imaginations, tell each other tall tales from the life. They will meet in Paris, having passed through many tests, but the meeting will be the main test for love...

Many thought that snivels and tears bothered, will surprise nobody with love. Yes, all loved, met and dispersed, again loved. There are many books about unusual love, to tell more precisely - about nonconventional love.

The relations described in Sergey Kuznetsov novel “A skin of a butterfly“ , force down from legs, beat backhand, do not leave indifferent anybody.

The online newspaper tells about the maniac`s crimes - murderers. The ambitious journalist inclined to masochism looks for extreme sex. The maniac kills again and again. These two looked for each other all life. Where they will meet, there will be an emptiness and pain. And pain does not know lie.

The main characters disappear, even avoid love, but not to hide love even anywhere on pages of this novel where beauty of the nature and beauty of death merged together.

If to speak about nonconventional love, then Alain Claude Zultser book “The ideal waiter“ about it. A life long love story, about loss and treachery, about feeling over which years are not imperious...

Restaurant in luxurious hotel. The constrained, clasped on all buttons, faultlessly polite elderly waiter Ernest, a stronghold and pride of an institution. Once he receives the letter from New - York - and thirty years as did not happen: again confusion in soul, hope and fear, happiness and pain. What is prepared for it by destiny?. But be at Ernest even imagination of the great writer, he also then could not guess what secrets will be revealed to it thanks to the letter from Jacob.

Be not frightened the fact that it is the novel about the nonconventional relations, first of all is a love story.

We distracted a little... If you did not read a series of novels of Stephenie Meyer “Twilight“, then after a premiere of the film, finishing the saga, it is worth re-reading.

Having rejected all details of books and not thinking that the main character falls in love with the vampire, we see that it is a story about love. About pure, pure love at first sight. About love of all life, without prejudices and a social inequality.

Read with pleasure, fall in love and do not hide the feelings!