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Who such Loki? To all who are interested in ill-natured persons of

“... and when faithful Sigun departed to empty a bowl, poison dripped directly on Loki`s face, and he shuddered that by all means caused earthquakes...“ You sometime thought that you without ill-natured persons any mythology, any fairy tale did not manage?


the Russian Baba-yaga - the Bone Leg since the childhood loved

, but on the shovel aimed in the furnace, never represented themselves. Let the one who, of own will asks for trouble go to fire with comfort.

About imps - imps heard, trusted - did not believe, shivered largely under a blanket after the “Viy“ who is read up zapolnoch. “Raise to me eyelids!“ - ears are turned off in a tubule from a loud voice, hair bristle - terribly, even the horror takes!

Listened to music of Norwegian Edward Grieg (it is clear, someone listened, someone slept), shuddered on the last steps, vividly representing a huge figure - fear takes molehills for mountains! - Mountain King.

Habits of harmful tiresome trolls studied, sitting on the Internet - now plyuyom through the left shoulder on any who will dare to come nearer...

And in vain! Loki - here “noble“ the ill-natured person from Scandinavia, god of fire doing mucks for your advantage! Each expert on ill-natured persons respecting himself has to know Loki`s history.

Appearance and the biography

Beautiful, thin, small growth, with a shock ognenno - red hair - you fall in love with it at once... however... you hear thud of hoofs? Ah, what beautiful mare! And nearby - a magnificent horse by the name of Svadilfari. You learn? Yes, i.e. is not present (or, our way: “yes, is not present, probably“)! Loki changed the shape and became... a mare, took out and gave birth to an eight-legged foal. Before this transformation false Loki lived three years at the giantess (or all - with the giantess?), given birth to it to three children - it is red - the blue daughter, a huge dragon and a terrible wolf. All three inherited a daddy`s set of negative fig.

do not think that descendants Loka a little - has two more children from Sigun, goddesses of the second plan. All witches were also generated by Loki. To achieve such result, it was necessary to it (it is thought, not without pleasure) to eat the semi-burned-down heart of the angry woman. At some moment at group of gods of Experts the patience burst. To them bothered to listen to sneers and insults. Loki was connected by guts of own son (“oh, times, oh, customs!“), and over the head placed a snake.

Attribute and treasures of gods

the Writer from a wound - medieval Iceland Snorri Sturluson (oh and names, however!) in the book under the name “Edda“ (why not Hellas?) describes soldiers as gods who left Troy after its falling. In backward then Northern Europe the escaped “splinters“ of the most ancient civilization were apprehended as carriers of high culture and inhabitants of heaven. Magic boots were attribute of Loki which Sturluson mentioned in “Edda“.

Transferring to other country and to other time of the enterprising, resourceful and cunning hero took place thanks to Charles Perrault. Its Puss in Boots (same attribute!) it is possible to perceive as the next Loki. By the way, Kot for the benefit of Marquis de Carabas also acted exactly as his predecessor extracting for gods of Experts of treasure: a hammer the Torah Myyollnir, a spear Gungnir, the ship Skidbladnir, a ring Draupnir and Gullinbursti`s wild boar (at the same time we will learn to pronounce intricate Scandinavian names).

Lie and the truth


- a trikster. The person allocated with signs of the mythical hero, in some cases even deities, and allowing constant sneers at reality and mocking at all, but who at the same time is not causing in most of people of rejection. The sly fox (if you the Indian - the coyote) - resourceful, hypocritical and false. And here we should accept in some way the fact that for Loki as for any representative of the triksterovsky tribe, there is no lie and the truth. He so lives as he breathes. A breath - an exhalation. Lie - the truth. And when cries, whimpers “lie - lie - lie“ turn out. And to pain it becomes is a pity for him.

And we are ready as faithful Sigun to substitute a bowl that in it the poison intended, generally, for his face dripped.