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In what collective it is possible to achieve success, man`s or female?

the German philosopher Otto Veyninger devoted the book “Floor and Character“ to the proof of the thesis that the woman cannot be a genius. Concerning those women who all - left a bright mark in the history of culture it declared: they managed it because all of them had man`s essence. I believe that this judgment is close to truth, but it is not absolutely right.

The famous women are unreliable mannish aunts, it is simple those that allowed themselves to be “ugly“. To create something absolutely new and to introduce it, having overcome sneers and resistance of people around, only the one who does not try to be pleasant to all and everyone as if the hundred-dollar note can.

Meanwhile the desire to be pleasant is cultivated at girls since the childhood. For this reason many famous women treat a type “blue Chulkov“. Frequent it is women elderly, already been above that age when it is still terrible to look ridiculously. Such is, for example, most of women - authors of innovative improving techniques which books are popular now.

It turns out that women are doomed to achieve success only in those areas where it is not necessary to fight against the environment. It is asked how to explain that the women who are teachers - innovators sometimes meet? Teachers all - work in the collective and quite often hostile. However there is no contradiction here as this collective for 90% female.

The woman can begin fight for the ideas, but only not among men. The talented woman in men`s collective is quickly neutralized by means of sneers and criticism if it is only not the old woman who reconciled to the fact that men by all means will create her reputation of “old hag“. Young and beautiful in men`s collective will be able to be engaged only in something banal, or will be content with a role of the assistant to “the great person“. If you want to be “the ingenious woman“, you leave men`s collective in female.

“But in women`s collectives there are intrigues and sneers too!“ - will object me. Quarrels and intrigues - yes, and here faultfinding is peculiar to rather men`s collectives. The female conflicts have small “household“ character it seems more often: “You will not take a key any more from my office because littered there last year!“

As for advance of the creative ideas, in women`s collective it it is simpler to make as women can perceive women - leaders and fighters for the idea as men, and you will have numerous fans. Certainly, there will always be women who will abuse you, but they will begin to attack rather your personality, but not your ideas. Of course, in case you are not going to play a role of the innovator, will work in men`s collective to you more comfortably and favourably in every respect, but we speak about creative self-realization!

It is possible to take out the projects on court of man`s audience only when there are already ready results. Men have more sharp tongues, and they will ruin your idea the sneers at a stage of its development. Out of work the woman, of course, has to meet men - it lightens it mood, but to work among men as the creator - the innovator - only for nothing to spend the energy. Not without reason the famous poetess Safo was a teacher not at young men, and at girls.

Stay in women`s collective does not deprive the woman of her creative force. She receives the share of support and admiration from women who assign it a part “the guy - the ringleader“. So Veyninger, saying that the talented woman always something reminds the man probably took out this judgment, watching behavior of talented women in ladies` society. By the way, in fauna we can observe the phenomenon when the female undertakes a role of the leader in “women`s collective“ - for example, at some species of aquarian small fishes too. If the bought small fishes are two “girls“, one of them begins to play a role of a male: to build a nest of bubbles and to frighten off from it other small fishes.

The law of successful creativity and for men is same. It is not necessary to think that in men`s collectives “all against all“. At each man - the innovator the support group consisting of the men who at least are temporarily assuming a “female“ role of conducted is created. By the way, persons with “not that orientation“ try to obtain considerable progress much more often just because work without thinking about judgments of an opposite sex.

If I am objected, saying that it is much simpler to man to work in women`s collective, I will answer that it is fair, so far as concerns routine work where it is only necessary to execute someone else`s instructions, and as for work creative, it not so. The man working in women`s collective, usually instead of working on the creative project, spends time for chatter and peacockery and gradually degrades.

Especially such situation is characteristic of men - the humanists working in women`s collectives. The active taciturn persons preferring to work, but not to be engaged in diplomacy often become the victims of intrigues in women`s collectives. By the way, if men in women`s collective are in minority, then to the talented man, be it though “seven spans in a forehead“ the role of “whipping boy“ is, as a rule, prepared. Therefore we come to a conclusion: as much as possible to realize the creative plans, the man has to work at a development stage of the new project among men, and the woman - among women.

Is, of course, and other prerequisites which not just considerably increase probability that the person will make something outstanding, and just with inevitability lead to it! I will tell about these prerequisites in the following articles.