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The medal “Eren enbegi Yshin“ awarded Abitayeva Gallia of Adilovn from Shusky district. Jambyl areas. RK.

On the eve of a country Independence Day the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan of December 5, 2012 No. 444, the big group of citizens for the significant contribution in socially - economic and cultural development of the country, strengthening of friendship and cooperation between the people, vigorous public work is awarded by the state awards. Among them eminent persons of culture, science, education, health care, representatives of the production sphere, business, law enforcement officers, military personnel, athletes, veterans of war and work. The medal “Eren enbegi Yshin“ awarded Abitayeva Gallia of Adilovn - the adviser to the director of NPO Kazakhstanskoye versatile - social establishment“ the Jambyl region. Shusky district.

Main - not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. We are surrounded by many business people whose enthusiasm and enterprise can only envy. Especially we admire and we take off hats before our women succeeding in business, career development and so on. The name of Gallia of Adilovna of Abitayeva is well known in our area and even beyond its limits. She often became the heroine of our publications, and any meeting with it was new opening for us, forcing to be convinced of how human abilities are many-sided once again. It would seem, she succeeded in many respects: once headed branch of Daryn institute, received academic statuses of the associate professor, professor, opened The Company Mar - Nur LLP, Eurasia agency, institution “The center of knowledge “Eurasia“, tried many directions where also achieved progress. She is the responsible secretary of Association of the joint HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS. But is not present, probably a character warehouse at our compatriot such is that her life has to be in the continuous movement therefore it, without being afraid, tries the forces in projects, new to itself. Below we bring to attention readers of interview with this surprising woman.
- Gallia Adilovna, were not tired of continuous search, it is even possible to tell, from new problems? You have the business or it a little?
- you know - no. I do not consider that, undertaking something new, I create to myself problems. I think that only diffident people feel some fear of difficulties. And a question at all not that I lack something in life. Slava Vsevyshnemu, I succeeded in many respects and I am not praised by it. Just long ago solved for herself if it is interesting, then surely conceived it is necessary to realize. Therefore I am guided by the motto “Who if not I? “
- is good, in business at you everything is all right, but why you need to charge yourself with such responsibility and to undertake the social project “Training and Retraining of Jobless Women in the Professions Demanded in Labour Market in the conditions of Crisis“ especially as the state represented by, for example, department of employment and social programs of akimat of the area deals with the matter?
- your question, it is rather a bewilderment, are clear for me. I will begin a little from far away. All of us are members of our Kazakhstan society. Anyway we make a contribution to its development, we submit to the laws existing in the republic. Thanks to correctly put policy both internal, and external, any society surely moves forward. Agree that we were very lucky with the Head of state. Nursultan Abishevich`s merit that Kazakhstan for the shortest time achieved impressive progress in the development and it admits around the world today. Of course, in many respects it is helped by us, simple people. And so, that development went on the correct way, our President gives concrete instructions in the annual Messages to the people of Kazakhstan. And in the last, such document, important for all of us, under the name “Let`s Construct the Future Together!“ the head of the country noted: “The independently employed people are a huge personnel reserve in our economy. We build the new enterprises in order that there Kazakhstan citizens worked. They have to prepare for it. To study new professions“. Therefore, considering the importance of these words and having set the purpose it is obligatory to participate in the solution of this problem, undertook implementation of the social project directed to support of women from socially - vulnerable segments of the population in receiving new professions. It is clear. And what progress?
- We defined time of action of the project. These are 7 months, since the middle of June of the current year and to the middle of January, 2012. Everyone business - structures can take part in implementation of the project, except The Company Mar - Nur LLP and IP agentstvo «evraziya. What you noted above a pier employment - it a prerogative of the state, and so, our project is realized with assistance of regional department of employment and social programs. We set the object - during the specified time free of charge to train on the area in new professions not less than 100 jobless women and to try to employ all of them, and also to support the women participating in the project in creation of own business. At the moment about 80 - ti women showed willingness to get a new profession, but only 25 of them pass retraining as the preference is given those for whom it is really difficult.
We do not go in cycles in working only in some certain framework. For example, in anticipation of day of Astana gave the general lecture devoted to the capital, organized conversation on a subject 20 - the anniversaries of Independence of the country, ahead wait for the turn other not less important actions.
- you cope with everything? there is no
- Of course, it is physically impossible to be in time all of one therefore help with affairs the daughter Marjane, the son Nurzhan Rakhimov and in general all family members, and also the Internet - resources and the websites, and, the competent experts working for us. By the way, within realization of a state program “Youth practice“ to us through regional department of employment were directed to work of 13 young specialists who were brought up to date, determined by it the front of work.
- Everything is clear. Gallia Adilovna, occurs opinion that many businessmen are not interested in the events around, plunging entirely into questions of business. You the affairs let know that many things are not indifferent for you. Bringing our conversation to end, it would be desirable to learn your opinion on position of our area. How on yours whether there is a progress in its development?
- I understood your question. It is known that everything moves around, such is the law of the nature. And our life is a continuous movement. Society, views change, new requirements, standards appear. All this in the nature of things. I lived the last several years in Almaty more, often there were working trips to other regions of Kazakhstan, but the native land always attracted therefore I want to tell that for me there is nothing more expensively than the native shusky earth. Of course, happening in other districts, always you compare them to the Homeland. I will tell frankly - at us is not worse at all, than in other corners of our immense republic. And as our area changed for the last year! Do not take for flattery, but in it, certainly, a huge merit of the akim of the area Kozhakhan Kokrekbayevich Zhabagiyev and his adherents. In the left year within celebration of anniversaries of the area and the city enormous work as a result of which our settlements found shape new, pleasant to an eye was done. And how many appeared new sights! The main thing - not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. I Know
that for worthy carrying out festive actions, in the area the special charity foundation which works to this day was created. Last year I could not bring the contribution in this fund as was outside the area therefore to restore justice, not so long ago I made it. Also I want to call the fellow countrymen, and especially businessmen who for any reasons do not know about this fund or could not make the contribution, time to correct “error“ is so hurry up. Finally, these means go on the good purposes. Really the fact that our area successfully develops not only economically, but also esthetically does not please? I think that shusets will respond and will give help. And on pages of the regional newspaper it is necessary to give requisites of fund once again.
- Agrees with you. In end of our meeting I want to thank you for substantial conversation and to wish success in all useful undertakings.

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