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Tortayev Ilyas Alimovich is the good head and the creator of system!

A people have still a rest. But only he does not sleep. It seems it has days of rest too, and it continues to work. It - is surprising! And he is a surprising person! He is a Honourable citizen of Moyynkumsky, Shuysky districts, and the cities of Taraz. He is a Honourable road builder! He is a Honourable builder the Republic of Kazakhstan. Who is he? It is about the akim of Shusky district Ilyas Alimovich Tortayev. Its main task - work for the good of the people. Its main priority - care of the people. Its main goal - is better to make the area. All have to understand that the akim, that link between the people and the power. We were fine lucky that at us the akim was the decent and hardworking person. Under its management in the area huge work is carried out, actions were systematized, it is introduced programmatically - a target method of management, the system of work on planning is constructed and realization of investment policy and target programs, on the basis of which work is conducted now, Implementation of these projects, finally, will allow to achieve a main goal of activity of Investment company - creation of effective production and social infrastructure for socially - economic development of Shusky district and to drawing attention both state, and business - structures. Along with financing of construction of infrastructure facilities work on investment of perspective innovative projects is carried out. Ilyas Alimovich in practice showed ability as state has to work. official. For today, he as the authority and the akim of the area and the held events managed to gain authority of local population in a short space of time. Always quiet, judicious, tactful, at all steps of the labor way. It showed in itself(himself) the best qualities of the head of new generation - a modern view, insistence, mobility, vigor, legal literacy. It always works wholeheartedly forces and is able to achieve result. And that the most important - it is able to work with people. I always asked a question why at it everything so well turns out?. Because he loves people, and it is a big rarity presently. For a short time, for the area he made very much which it did and carried out, were whether you know, such highlights! And it is not to everyone it is given! Ilyas Alimovich has very good taste. Good taste, kindness, clearness and modesty - the combination of these qualities cannot often be met in one person“. At it it will turn out owing to his natural intelligence and to patience. He very quietly, quietly, without hassle does the part, and always it turns out well and differs in a sense of responsibility, improbable for our time, for the work. If it undertakes something, then it is possible to be sure - it will be absolute result. It has always a mass of offers, the creative imagination, it is judicious and modern looks to the world. He is the talented head which quickly makes the correct decision, and, above all that he is a person good! And it does everything for prosperity of our Homeland, including our area. His colleagues and subordinates, speak: “That with it it is a pleasure to work and study from it!“ Its personal and creative qualities are an example for many young people. Having learned it, I was once again convinced that there are in this world good people, hardworking as it, the politician`s ideal - “The convinced democrat of conservative sense“ All its biography - a living example of true service to the Fatherland, patriotism and a labor feat.

Rakhimova Marjane Asanovna. Director of NPO Center of Knowledge Eurasia Kazakhstan. Jambyl region. Shusky district.