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How to make the tasty baked meat?

Meat - a good source of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, and also some irreplaceable amino acids. In traditional Russian cuisine any holiday table does not do without hot meat dish. Tasty made meat - a reliable way to feed nourishingly a family and guests.

Most often at us are prepared by pork, beef, chicken dishes and are slightly more rare from other types of meat. Meat prepares differently - cooks, fried, extinguished, baked. Let`s stop on the last - on roasting.

There is a set of recipes of preparation of meat in an oven, and often at the same way of preparation of a dish carry different names. Therefore we will not guess how to call the next culinary masterpiece, and we will just be engaged in preparation of a nourishing and useful yum-yum. Eventually, main - not the name of a dish, but its taste!

Ingredients :

Pork or beef - about 0,5-1 kg (depending on the number of eaters).
Onions - 2 - 3 pieces
Tomatoes - 2 - 3 pieces
Tinned pineapples (it is desirable ringlets, in own juice) - 1 bank (300 g).
Orange - 1 - 2 piece
Prunes - 100 g
Sweet pepper - 1 - 2 piece
Champignons or other mushrooms - 300 g
Cheese - 100 - 200
Olives - have some, for ornament.
A few tinned corn and green peas.
Salt, pepper, spices for roast (or something to the taste).
Parsley or other greens for ornament. the Quantity and the list of products are given to

approximate because depending on preferences and quantity of necessary portions these indicators can fluctuate towards reduction or increase.

Preparation . To cut the prepared meat plates no more than 1 cm thick, to beat off, salt slightly - to pepper, powder with favourite seasoning and to spread out to the oiled baking sheet. Now we choose option of the second layer.

1. to lay the onions cut with thin rings On pieces of meat, to cover with a thin mayonnaise setochka and to lay from above circles of tomatoes. On tomatoes to lay out ringlets of pineapple and again to water with mayonnaise. To strew with grated cheese, and in core of a pineapple ring to lay a butterdish. Instead of a butterdish it is possible to use a hat of a small mushroom for ornament.

2. to lay a little onions On pieces of meat, to water with mayonnaise, from above - thin ringlets of orange without peel, the prunes cut by thin strips, mayonnaise and to strew a little with grated cheese. Tomato in this case can be added, it is possible and not to add.

3. to lay On pieces of meat previously slightly fried onions with mushrooms, to cover with a mayonnaise setochka, to put rings of tomatoes and again a mayonnaise setochka, from above plentifully to strew with grated cheese. It is possible to add fresh sweet pepper to this option - both in the form of additional ingredient, and instead of tomatoes.

4. to lay onions rings On pieces of meat, to strew with corn, green peas (or both that, and another together), to water with mayonnaise, to put a circle of tomato and again to water with mayonnaise and to strew from above with grated cheese.

That meat turned out more juicy, slices should be stacked on a baking sheet rather densely to each other, it is also possible to add a little water. On one baking sheet it is possible to make meat with various fillings, having chosen pleasant from the options given above, then the hot dish will turn out non-uniform and will pleasantly surprise with a variety of flavoring shades. At desire it is possible to interchange the position of mayonnaise and cheese, i.e. to water cheese with mayonnaise, then cheese will be several other consistence, but all the same it will turn out tasty.

The prepared meat needs to be placed in a hot oven (180 - 200 degrees) and to bake 30 - 40 minutes to readiness. To give with mashed potatoes (probably, it is the most tasty and favourite garnish of many) and any vegetable salad, having decorated meat is fresher greens.