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Why there is pain? Whether

Are in this world of people, never feeling pain? No - everyone with confidence will answer, and it will be absolute the rights. Here under the word “pain“ there is something more extensive, than just physical sufferings.

at the level of emotions, pain is hatred, pity to itself, offense, anger, a depression, envy, irritation and an other negative. At the level of thoughts, pain is a condemnation, negative beliefs and destructive thought forms. Now everyone knows that any physical pain is a consequence emotional. Which, in turn, is a consequence of thinner - mental, that is thoughts.

But why and why all this pain arises?

As all of us are created just like God`s, each of us - is a little creator. And here, how consciously we create the worlds - it is already absolutely another story. Everyone unconsciously sotvoryat the pain just like the thought forms and conditions of consciousness. And all because mind, or as it is called still, egoism, always seeks to run away from to the past or the future here and now. Any pain is always result of unconscious rejection and resistance real - to what is.

The more an identification of intelligently, the there is more egoism, the it is more than resistance to the present and the pain is more severe. Here it is worth dwelling upon a question of what is mind. Under this plain word all thoughts, desires, motives, imaginations, feelings, emotions and feelings mean. Set of all this also creates what we call egoism or mind. And the identification of with all this is ignorance and stay in illusion.

Than more pure not turbid understanding identifies itself with all these bodies: physical, emotional, mental etc., that pain is more severe. Owing to an identification there is also a dual, that is illusory perception of the world. Duality is an existence in the world of the polyarnost which are serially replacing each other. For example, after a high from acceptance of drugs there is always a recession and withdrawal pains, after intoxication - a hangover, etc. Actually, any pain is a consequence of any illusory, that is temporary pleasure. The more the consciousness tries to enjoy something illusory (temporary), the pain is more severe.

The majority of spiritual doctrines claim what only eternal is truth, all other temporary is only illusion including pain. That is each sane person if he, of course, not the masochist, has to devote the life to search of this eternal and true. Unless not in it the sense of any life consists? Where to look for this eternal truth?

Wise men of antiquity claimed that it absolutely nearby, directly here and right now. Our true essence is also that eternity, truth and pleasure which each of us has to find. Only here, only in now and only in, in the heart. No spiritual theories, beliefs and beliefs can help with it. Only incessant search of, sensibleness, spirituality and aspiration to knowledge are capable to open in us that we look for all life in this frail world.