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How to overcome negative installations?

for anybody not a secret that such things as negative installations, are the main reason for failures in life of each person. Negative installations, that is the subconscious programs which are written down in the past create “evil destiny“ in present. Worst of all the fact that we do not realize these harmful tendencies of mentality and subconsciously we continue to provoke an environment to the corresponding attitude towards us.

In modern psychology and in spiritual doctrines of antiquity, many methods of study of these installations are. In all of them the first stage is understanding of existence of subconscious programs - it is the most important and difficult stage. The majority of negative installations disappear at once after they are realized adequately.

Complexity is as follows :

1. It is difficult to take the responsibility.

to the Person it is much simpler to b to accuse of the failures anything only not himself. For example, evil destiny, heavy childhood, unfair and imperfect world, bad employees, administration, government … yes anything. There is it for that simple reason that the person feels guilty for the mistakes. Wishing to get rid of this unpleasant feeling, he convinces himself of imperfection of an environment more and more. Thereby forces out the sense of guilt and projects the shortcomings on an environment, as if declining all responsibility.

2. Love to the pain. In the world many people, literally in love with those negative conditions of consciousness which they over and over again force themselves to live are. Thus, they derive masochistic pleasure, feeling sorry for themselves and feeling “correctness“, “purity“ and “correctness“ in relation to the offenders or unfair circumstances. It is amusing game in which, to some extent all of us play, especially those who try to be “correct“, “spiritual“, “good“ etc.

3. Habit and not sensibleness. Most of all it concerns to people of advanced age and to those who are not engaged in any psychological or spiritual methods of self-improvement.

Main methods of identification and study of negative installations :

1. Continuous introspection. About importance of this practice needless to say, all this is already told practically in all spiritual doctrines. So we will be limited only to the short description of the method and some cunning tricks.

So where you were, constantly try to watch the breath. After a while successful supervision you pass to supervision over feelings in a body, thoughts, feelings and an environment. Just be here and now and monitor all the reactions to the events as if from outside. For this purpose it is possible to repeat about himself the following questions: “what occurs now?“, “if not now, then when?“, “what is not enough now?“ Watch muscles of the person, stomach and hands, in general always try to hold these parts of a body most weakened. If vychasto you distract and you forget about practice - at all you do not reproach yourself and be not irritated. Just softly again return consciousness to the necessary course, and your sensibleness will grow from day by day. In passing you learn a lot of new about yourself and the life if at the same time you are rather honest with yourself.

2. Reviewing of the past. we Will consider one of numerous ways of this practice: sit down before a wax candle or a fire, relax and remember. You can give yourself mental command: “let to me the most injuring event from my life will be remembered“. Then relax and you are silent, allow reminiscence most to arise, mentally lead round it the red line and place in fire. Let will burn down without smoke and ashes. Repeat so several times, yet you will not feel that the negative charge burned down, and you pass to the following reminiscence.

3. Acceptance. by This method can work perfectly all the projections and to become more complete personality. Answer yourself a question: than or whom I definitely am not? The first that will occur, take and mentally present that it and is you, feel it, be it. Why it is not pleasant to you? What you at the same time feel? Accept it as part of.

Of course, only some of methods are listed here, but these are one of the simply available and effective among all others. Finally It should be noted that whatever installations you found in yourself, them it is the best of all to write down everything in a special notebook or the file. Try - and the effect will strike you. Progress and happiness to you!